Thursday, April 30, 2015

April odds & ends

relaxing with Daddy on Sunday afternoon
one of Adara's favorite places to be is snuggled up next to Daddy in his chair

SO happy to have them back out in the woods and on their rock. 

It's hard to discipline with a straight face when she gets so mad she hisses like a cat.

On a gray dreary day, I asked her how her day was at TMO and she said, "Not right now mom.  I'm basking in the sun at the beach."

watching a truck with Rocco

watching the dance party

refusing a coat because "it's not even freezing out" but needed her gloves (for Elsa powers...)

first visit to Tom & Leslie's new house to meet baby Laurel and help brush the horse

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Year in Pictures

Alden is ONE!

 I have such mixed feelings about this little man being a year old!  I find myself nostalgic about the baby phase of our lives being over.  We feel complete and so happy in this season, but it's strange to think about all the things I'll never experience again.  It's also *very* nice to wake up less at night, and have the girls moving into ages where they can do things like make their own breakfast and pull their own suitcases in the airport.  Emily is taking selfies of us on my iphone while I type. ;)  As for Alden, he has a few more teeth through, and is a bit more content to be put down, or go to other people besides mom and dad.  He's still so sweet and snuggly, and has the best giggle.  No steps or words yet, so he really still seems like a baby, but he is cruising and babbling.  He loves to eat, and current favorites are bananas, eggs, pancakes, pizza, hard granola bars, pears, and sweet potato.  He laughs every time I brush his teeth.  His sisters still adore him.  He loves to swing and I think he's as happy as the rest of us to be outside in the sunshine lately!  

Yesterday we marked his big day with waffles for dinner and of course, cupcakes!

A few other recent favorites of my sweet boy.  

early morning snuggles, knowing he won't always wake up before 6am. :)

into the "into everything" phase!

He has the best big kid babysitters!  He is one well-loved little dude.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Emily was in a little musical at school last week.  A group of about 40 K-3rd graders had been working on the songs and motions for the last couple of months with their art, music & PE teachers.  Emily was one of the 6 kids from her class chosen to participate (apparently it was the kids who knew all their letter sounds, so they worked on the play while the other kids worked on that), and for the girl who was too shy to recite the pledge of allegiance in her classroom 6 months ago, it was evidence of BIG progress.  At the start of the school year, Emily struggled with anything that involved movement and groups (PE, any kind of song/dance in the classroom...), but her teachers have worked well with her and throughout the year she's grown so much more comfortable.  I'm so proud of her. :)

Graham exudes confidence. :)

with her sweet friend Mallory.

Silly girls

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eikhoffs Visit

We had the best week last week with these friends!  They came during Emily's spring break, and it was so nice to just be able to hang out without rushing around.

playing Elsa and Anna

 kids happy in the sun

 An amazing spring afternoon at Sachem

 look who can do the monkey bars on her own!

looks who's learning to pump!  and she loves to swing, despite the look on her face:)

 lunch and mimosas with Jill & Michelle on the deck

Adara says, "I'm basking in the sun."

Alden loved Nate!

The trouble these two could cause....

We hiked up to Boston Lot

I let Alex decide if I should jump in the water or not.  He said yes. :)

3 of the 5 kids fell asleep on the walk down.  Tired from a fun week!