Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mimi Turns 60

We spend the day in MA last Saturday to celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite people.  There will never be enough words or parties enough to express how much she means to us!!

When the girls heard that Mimi's birthday was coming up, they were eager to know if she would invite them to her party. :)  In the end, we didn't give Mimi a choice of who to invite, but hopefully she was happy to have this roomful of friends and family.

As soon as Emily saw Mimi moving to cut the cake, she went running to ask for a flower piece, which was just a perfect "life comes full circle" moment.  It hardly seems possible it's been almost 30 years since Grammy's surprise 60th birthday party in FL, the site of my infamous 4-year old plea, "Grammy Grammy Grammy Grammy, I want the piece with the rose!"  One of my earliest memories is hiding by the planter in her entryway before that party, waiting for her entrance.

Bekah was home with Rosalie who was recovering from the tummy bug. :(

all tired out from a fun evening

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Uncle Alden Gets Married!

We could not have been more excited to fly to North Carolina for Easter weekend so celebrate Alden and Taylor's wedding.  We all think the world of these two!  

The kids all did great with the travel (though I won't miss taking a wiggly almost-one year old on plane trips...) and all the happy chaos of wedding events.  The weather was cool for NC but seemed like heaven to us.  We loved staying in this farmhouse with the immediate Groves clan.  We arrived on Friday just in time for the rehearsal; the girls practiced their walking down the aisle, and had a great time running around outside at the gorgeous outdoor wedding spot.  We had a fun night of pizza and the girls and I were able to stay around for some of the toasts before it was bedtime.  One moment I hope I never forget... a few dozen friends and family were gathered in a room listening to toasts, and each speaker would stand near the table where the desserts were.  Adara, seemingly completely unaware that 30 people were watching her, walked back and forth between the speaker and audience, passing by the cake to swipe another finger-full of frosting.  

Sweet Nico in his bed for the weekend. :)

For those few of us not running around doing last minute wedding details, Saturday morning was lovely and peaceful.  After lunch was the adventure of getting myself and three kids bathed and dressed for the wedding since Alasdair was off with the groomsmen, but the kids rose to the challenge and we arrived on time and even managed to squeeze in naps for all three in the car.  Of course Alden managed to have a blow out (for only maybe the 3rd time in his life) and ended up attending the wedding in his suit coat and no pants. :)  The girls were lovely flower girls, if a bit painfully slow coming down the aisle.

Loving on the farm animals.  
Adara "I have my aminal soap to clean the cats!"

 Mimi handed Alden a clementine to play with while we waited for dinner, and he knew what to do with it. :)  Grampy T would be proud.

Emily reports that this was her favorite part of the wedding.  "Because it was so pretty."


 After the first dances, Adara asked very solemnly, "Daddy, are you going to dance with anyone?"  

The groom was very kind to his little shadow during the reception. 

After the wedding, pinochle and talking back at the house.

Another lovely morning, and we did not want to leave!

 (Lots more pictures in our April album...)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Early Spring

Towards the end of March, we finally started getting glimpses of spring!

Still snowy, but warm and sunny and kids running around outside at 6pm...

Sunday afternoon walks... puddles mean the snow is melting!

Running in the snow on a sunny afternoon and dreaming of summer days by the pool!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


April is flying by, but I meant to post some miscellaneous pictures from March...  Aside from our trip to FL, March was mostly more of the same from February...  skiing, swimming at the aquatic center, gymnastics, playing with friends, and trying to keep my head above water at work.  
 working in Alasdair's new office one afternoon while a friend watched the kids

swimming has been a big highlight of the winter... 
watching for Lucy

 Snow day 

 late season sledding at the golf course , followed by pizza with friends

 Birthday party at the Competition Complex.  Who would've expected this girl to try riding the bull?!

 I spent too long chatting with a friend one day, so they made their own lunch. ;)

beautiful artwork, beautiful girl

 Adara & her beloved teacher, Phyllis

 Our wonderful babysitter Tiana teaching half a dozen children to finger knit during community group

 ski trip! 

 my "office" in a friend's cozy living room

Adara's artwork

I went on a field trip to see the DART helicopter & ambulances with Emily's class. 

 Love seeing her with her little friends

A dreary day called for milkshakes in the car while running errands.

I went on our church's women's retreat and spent a full half hour laying on my bed looking out the window, thinking and praying and watching the wind blow, and just being still.  It may have been the best thing I've done in months.

 And this is what Alasdair does to relax on a Sunday afternoon. 
He's designing a complicated board game.