Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eikhoffs visit :)

We did life with these friends for our first four years in New Hampshire and we miss them!  They came to visit and helped us survive the end of February break. :)  Spring skiing at Quechee, lots of crafting, and obstacles courses in the playroom.

Adara & Alex have become good buddies/partners in crime.
(She kept calling him Daniel because he reminds her of her cousin ;)

Saturday, February 17, 2018


We just got home from a great week in Florida visiting Grandma & Grandpa Groves.  Such a gift that our kids have been able to get to know their great grandparents, and far away cousins. :)  

late night Walmart trip with my girls

early morning beach time

playing in the courtyard while the grownups played pinochle

learning dominos!

Valentine's day at the beach :)

Bonfire with cousins at Bryan & Michelle's
(Alden cried when it was time to leave Alexa.)

Watching dolphins

Monday, February 12, 2018


Christmas season 2017

Celebrate the Season

The girls went into different craft rooms - Emily to make an ornament and Adara to make a bag.  Without knowing what the each other was doing, they created matching crafts. :)

Christmas tree from Home Depot

Clara's Dream with Aunt Rebeckah!

Live nativity at Wellspring.  
Alden hung out with this shepherd most of the time, and used his staff as a gun to shoot the sheep. 

I got outvoted, and Alden was allowed to be Chewbacca in the church Christmas play. 
(The little kids dress as animals by the manger, and Alden lobbied that Chewbacca is an animal...)

Ava art morning, making paintings for Granny

Christmas Eve morning at home

Late night drive to PA on Christmas Eve to do Christmas with the Groves cousins. 

Adelaide loved Emily

Lego wonderland

Visit from the MA crew

Some Christmas quiet.

New Year's Day tradition

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Adara has asked for years if she can take ice skating lessons. It finally got through to me this year that she really meant it.  She has been loving it, and it's fun to watch her learn her own thing that none of the rest of us do... but I also hope I'm not going to spend the rest 10 years standing in a cold skating rink!  ;)

First day

A few lessons later...