Monday, June 18, 2018


This girl is halfway to 18, and it's making my heart hurt a little.  
She is creative, smart, affectionate, thoughtful, introverted, tender-hearted, silly. These days she loves reading, gymnastics, telling jokes, and doing messy science experiments. She's as tall as my shoulder, and I'm cherishing these days where she still wants nothing more than to hang out with mom and dad.

Her birthday was the first day of summer vacation, and she was happy to sleep in, eat pancakes & bacon, and laze around the house all day. 


Her birthday request was going to Vins with Papa & Mimi, so they came up for the day, and brought Rosalie.  It was a perfect day. :)


Sleepover complete with science experiments, hammock swinging, and chocolate chip pancakes at bedtime. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Last day of school

And just like that, another school year in the books.  All three kids had a really good year at Mt. Leb.  We went pretty hard this year and the kids are tired.  One of my goals for the summer is to let them live slow, and to be present in our home and neighborhood. 

Today Alden and I had our last Starbucks date while running errands.

And, true love might be saving all the recent cardboard boxes for my crafters instead of hiding of hiding them straight in the recycling. ;)

First afternoon of summer vacation looks like this:

Monday, May 7, 2018

DC Trip

Emily told us last year that one of her life dreams was to see the Lincoln Memorial in person.  :)   So, for the kids April vacation week, we did our PA/DC loop, visiting Granny & the Leanders in PA, the Bestors (plus surprise visit from Alden & Taylor!), Bargers & Hanauers in the DC area, plus a couple days in the middle to visit some museums & monuments.  It was a fun family adventure. 

(Not pictured: Mommy Dari & Aunt Taylor date at Starbucks)

Family time in DC

Air & Space Museum

Carousel on the Mall

Dinner out, the kids 1st Uber

Natural History Museum

Look close to see the butterfly on her shoulder. She stood absolutely still for probably 20 minutes in the butterfly room, in hopes one would land on her.

We made it!  This did not disappoint.  She stood quietly and took it in, and asked me to read her the Gettysburg Address from the wall.

 Mommy Emily date - Walk in Capitol Hill and gelato.

Rachel's house!!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Alden turned 4!

Alasdair & I were out of town for the CCEF 50th anniversary celebration, so Alden celebrated his actual birthday with Mimi & Papa. The next day we had a birthday dinner with his sweet bff's -- pizza and lacrosse in the rain.   💙💚

I remembered a few days later to ask him some birthday questions.

Who's your best friend: You. And Ethan and Micah and Graham and Ben. I love you all infinity. That's a lot of love!
Favorite ,,,,
color: Today it's... yellow.  No, purple! (he chooses a new one every day:)
book: Cat in the Hat Comes Back
song: Cartoon Havana  (his term for the Pentatonix version)
to do at school: Play with Eliana, we like to read books together.
with daddy: play chess
with the girls: play with them, like imagination
with mommy: just be with you
about being 4: just being 4.  and being able to bounce this high.

I can't imagine our family without this guy - his energy, facial expressions, affection, vocabulary, love for sports, and ability to make me laugh