Thursday, December 11, 2014

Clara's Dream

Aunt Becky came to visit last weekend, and we took the girls to Clara's Dream - an abridged performance of the Nutcracker - at the Lebanon Opera House.  Despite the icky slushy weather, it was fun to dress up and go out together.  I wasn't sure how Adara would do sitting through it, but she ended up falling asleep on my lap for about half the show.  Emily was generally captivated. When I asked them afterward what they thought of the ballet, Emily said "Great!" and Adara said, "It was kind of strange.  And crooked."  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nathan's Garden

I can't remember if I've written about this, but one of my favorite parts of this fall was after-preschool picnics with Adara at "Nafan's Garden."  This is a space created by a family that lost a child many years ago.  Tucked in a Hanover neighborhood, you walk down a path into a large clearing in the woods, with a small stream, open space, some wooden tables and chairs, a swing and sandbox, and up on top a hill on the other side, a gazebo.  We never stayed long, but we made a "no phones in Nathan's Garden" rule (except for the occasional picture:) it was a nice time to sit and play together.   We will miss it for the winter!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Thanksgiving in MA.  :)  Happy chaos.  

 good dad giving up watching part of the Eagles game to finish a movie with the kids

 kids soccer between periods
 pulled pork and cousins!


 four tired kids on Saturday morning, happy for the longest time drawing on the ipad together

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Adara's First Haircut

I've been thinking Adara needed a haircut, but stalling because I didn't want to lose her curls.  She forced the issue this week taking a few snips of her own, so I took her for a trim.

 The receptionist offered her a glass of water, just like they do for the adults.

 same spot where we took Emily's picture after her first (professional) hair cut.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Celebrate the Season, year 2

One of our favorite Christmas season traditions is the Hanover tree lighting celebration.  We went again with the Swans this year, and had a great time decorating gingerbread men at Lou's, making bookmarks at Left Behind Books, bracelets at the jewelry store, and ornaments at the hardware store, riding the "animals" and eating popcorn, drinking cocoa and watching the tree lights come on, roasting marshmallows outside Ramuntos, and riding a horse drawn wagon around town.  We ran into friends as we walked around town, and by the end of the evening it was snowing lightly.  


 where else can you ride a mechanical Christmas tiger?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Seven Months

Alden continues to eat well and smile often.  His sisters adore him, and other children like to play with and hold him because he's so easy going.  He is babbling and has the most infectious giggle. (more videos up from October & November, use the link on the right of the page)   He still spends a lot of time in the Ergo, but sits up pretty well now and is starting to lean forward to reach for things.  He's struggling with teething and not sleeping well at the moment, especially when not at home.   I'm too tired to choose the best pictures for this month, so here are lots!

 from a little photo shoot we had done of the kids

 favorite activity: gnawing on faces or fingers

 sweet Dominic (age 5) loves Alden

 loves his bathtime!

 captivated at the ball exhibit at the Montshire with his sisters