Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls Weekend

Alasdair and my dad were both out of town this weekend, so my mom came down for a spur of the moment visit. We had a GREAT time. The weather was perfect and we spent lots of time playing outside. We ventured out to the Smith Playground in Fairmount Park, which is incredible. They have a section called the Tot Lot for kids under 5, and Emily was just old enough to enjoy it. We also visited a North African Festival at a friend's church, where we (including Emily) tasted all kinds of yummy Moroccan food and Emily crawled all over the place making friends. The weekend felt like a vacation! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Handsome Uncle Alden

I'm not sure if Uncle Alden has had his own blog post yet, so here you go. Here he is getting ready for his Jr. Prom. Ooh la la.

Silver Spoon

Emily has never been overly interested in solid food. This week she's started adamently refusing all of her food. If it comes out of a jar, or on a plastic baby spoon, she turns her head away, clamps her mouth shut, and spits out anything we manage to get in. She is quite happy to eat things that come off our plates though, especially if it comes to her mouth on real silverware. Thank goodness she's finally able to gum things that are more solid without gagging (much).

This week she's gobbled up a slightly spicy meat sauce dish and bobotie at my mother in law's. This is all well and good, except that it means I'm going to have to start cooking dinner! I don't usually cook when Alasdair isn't home... but today I managed to make us some rice & beans, which we ate with cheddar cheese and sour cream (it is ok for babies to have sour cream?). Emily loved it!
Emily also loves to drink out of a cup. If I ever have a glass of water, she has to have a sip. In the tub, she has taken to using the cup I use to wash her hair to scoop up water. Hopefully she isn't ingesting too much soap.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Highlights

We made a weeekend trip to MA for Easter.

Some highlights:
* Meeting Emily's 10day old 2nd cousin, Jack Harrison Trumbull. (Sorry, no pictures on our camera!)
* Playing outside in the yard.
* Watching "The Blind Side" as a family after the girls were in bed. Great movie.
* Celebrating Nick's 22nd birthday (with yummy peanut butter chocolate cake, thanks to Bekah)
* Watching Emily & Rosalie "play" now that Emily is big enough to hold her own.
* The Easter Sunrise Service. It's my favorite of the year, but I'd planning to skip it since we had a busy day and would be driving home late. But Emily woke up at 530 and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I grabbed our sweatshirts and stuck her in the car.
* Pretty baby girl Easter dresses
* Easter baskets with little sunglasses, stuffed birds (with authentic bird calls) instead of bunnies, and plastic eggs filled with Cheerios. Oh! And Emily's new favorite thing: teething biscuits.
* Spending Easter afternoon with my aunt, uncle & cousins.
A few pictures....

Ok, a lot of pictures. :) Even more to come when I get the April album up.

And, the mystery of the week! We arrived home to find our front porch and lawn decorated with pretty Easter eggs. A neighbor told us she saw someone pull up in a truck and spend some time in our yard after midnight the night before Easter. ?? We have NO idea who it was, and wonder if someone had the wrong house?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Things We Are Into - April 2010

Another draft I never posted! I need to stop doing that. I wrote this the first week of April, but they are all still true...

Teething biscuits. Emily got a package of these in her Easter basket, and is now happiest when holding one in her messy hand

Tupperware and spices. Emily has discovered this shelf in our kitchen, and can be entertained for a very long time knocking out all of the tupperware and spreading the (mostly plastic) spice jars all over the floor. Classic.

Dropping things off the side of her high chair and watching them fall. Also classic. Not my favorite.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girls Night

[Hm, I wrote this last week, but must have forgotten to hit "post". Easter pics coming soon!]

My friend Mariana came over yesterday to visit with Emily & I on one of Alasdair's late work nights. I'm not sure if it was her long afternoon nap, or just because she loves Mariana, but Emily was in a great mood the entire time. She crawled right into M's lap and "talked" and played with her. So cute. A few pictures...

After Emily went to bed, M & I ordered takeout Indian food and talked for two hours. One of the many things I will miss when we leave Philadelphia!