Tuesday, April 26, 2011


[Rosalie 26 mo * Daniel 8 mo * Emily 22 mo]
We spent a lovely Easter weekend in MA with my family.

Saturday morning we brought the kids to visit Great Granny Ware, and since it was raining the girls did a little easter egg hunt in the kitchen. I really missed going to the sunrise service on Easter morning - it's usually my favorite part of the day but this year I felt like I needed the sleep. But, we did enjoy the warm sunny morning as the girls did an outdoor egg hunt (they played soo well together all weekend - it's so fun so see how much they love each other) before church. After church & Easter dinner at home "just us" (we fill up a table now with 7 adults & 3 kids... or we would if nap schedules & restless toddlers actually allowed us to sit down all at once!). After nap attempts, it was back to Sunny Hill to see the extended family & friends. I love those times.

A few more great pictures in our April album.

You will notice that in one of the pictures I look rather pregnant. You can consider that your formal announcement. ;) Emily will be a "big sisser!" in September!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I left the cereal cabinet open for Emily to pick out which one she wanted to eat. A few minutes later I heard her calling me and couldn't find her. When I did, I couldn't stop laughing.

Marathon Monday

Emily & I headed back to MA on Monday to watch Nick run his 8th marathon (6th Boston). It was a beautiful day to be outside, and the marathon is always a great atmosphere. We saw Nick 4 times, and heard on the radio that the men's winning time was a world-best 2:03 & that an American woman came within 2 seconds of winning (and that the Sox won with Dice-K on the mound!). Emily loved riding in Papa's car & looking for Uncle Nick and throwing her hands up in the air & yelling "Hooorayyy! Unca Nick! Run run run." After spending so any hours looking for him, you can see at the end of the day she wouldn't take her eyes off him. Great job Nick!

(This is at the finish line, despite the fact that Nick looks like he just took a walk around the block.)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


alasdair was out of town this week, so emily & I spent a wonderful 5 days in MA with my family - visited a few playgrounds where i played as a kid, played with driveway chalk, watched a Barcelona (soccer) game, went for walks, dyed easter eggs, and spent lots of time with mimi, papa & uncle nick.

i explained to emily that daddy was in chicago, so she'd say "daddy go in chicago['s] house"

she also looked at the blank TV one night and said "emi watcha red sox" she doesn't care about their dismal record!

i didn't take any pictures! oops. here's one of emily in her iniesta jersey instead.