Sunday, February 1, 2015


Somehow January is over.  Until this past week we were kind of still waiting for winter to start.  It's been super cold, but not much snow.  A few highlights...

Emily started gymnastics and ski lessons, and is loving both.  (She just was moved up into the next class in skiing, and was one of the few kids to move from the bottom of the hill to riding the poma today... I'm a little proud of her. ;))  She's doing well in Kindergarten, and has started telling me more about what goes on there, which I appreciate.  Adara has been making me laugh, as usual.  She's been a bit more in need of mommy time lately, and has been more hesitant about school. though enjoying it once she's there.  She's also loving gymnastics, and this month has been the only child in her class, so it's just her and the beloved teacher with the gym to themselves.  She's been out on skis a couple times, and has also been really excited about the idea of ice skating (we've slid around on our boots a few times, and I finally got her out once on skates).  We also joined the aquatic center for the winter, and I'm trying to take them once a week to swim, which they love.  It's nice to put Alden in child care and have some time with the girls.

A few Adara quotes lately...
"Mom, why did God make snow?"  I talked enthusiastically about all the fun things we do in in the which she responded, "I hate winter."  

"I wish I was a mermaid, so I could swim underwater.  I wish I was a beast, so I could eat people!  Then you would have to get a new Adara.  Or you could just have the Eshbaugh kids."

We put her in time out during dinner, and she was really mad... she stomped and scowled and announced "No one can eat dinner!  No one can play!.  No one can talk!   No can even read!"

Laying like this on the couch an hour past bedtime, she calls to me, "Mom, you have any juice boxes?"

 watching Emily &  Mallory at gymnastics

 silly girls enjoying hot cocoa after ski lessons

 she doesn't nap often, but a few times lately she's curled up next to me on the couch and fallen asleep immediately 

 I found her taking selfies on the ipad with her toe

watching robins flit around a tree with bright red berries on a beautiful cold morning

 snow day dancing