Saturday, June 17, 2017

Last Days of School

 Adara finished preschool on Tuesday, and Emily finished 2nd grade on Wednesday.  I'm thankful that they both had great years this year, teachers they loved and who really appreciated them.

biking to the school cookout

classic... Adara decided not to participate in the class song at the end... while Alden left the audience to join in the performance. 

Adara got a letter in the mail today with her teacher assignment and invitation to an orientation pizza dinner.  She told me with an eye roll that she doesn't need to go because she already knows her teacher, doesn't really care who's in her class, and isn't nervous at all about Kindergarten.  And she hates pizza.  That kid. ;)

And, Alden took his first nap at the pool this week, so it must be summer.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Emily Claire, age 8

You know those seasons where suddenly your kid is so grown up?  This girl has been taking my breath away lately. She's growing in independence and confidence, lately she's really taken to reading on her own (thank you, Junie B. Jones;) and to riding her bike around the neighborhood to visit friends. The birthday notes from her classmates all describe her as silly, fun, kind, and smart.  She's disliked math this year, but after finding out she scored high on an advanced standardized test, has decided again that math is her thing. 

She's had some big challenges this week (learning she'll have a teacher next year that she was scared of, and some things that pushed outside her social comfort zone) and I have been SO proud of how she's handled them, really listening as we talked her through things, and working to have a good attitude.  As I write this, I'm listening to her giggle hysterically with her siblings in the other room.

reading her own bedtime story on the last night of being 7

assembly line making "fruit-erflies" for school snack, then birthday pancakes & bacon

love when they know the best gifts for each other

I asked what she's hoping for this coming year: learning to cook

This little engineer has been hoping for months for a 'snap circuit' set

her birthday was on the last day of school

ice cream with friends

She chose Harpoon for family dinner because of the giant chess set.  It was a perfect summer night for eating outside.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Well, it looks like I just post once a month now.  :)  No major events in May, but it's been a slower month for me at work and I've really been enjoying the extra brain space to focus on the kids, and the time to breathe.  Now if it would just stop raining....

Celebrating finishing the Pentateuch at Bible reading time.

Look at how good her drawing is getting!

First ice cream, after Garden Day at school.  I think it was 50* and raining but that didn't stop us.

No words for this.

Teaching the neighbor to play baseball.  Last week it was lacrosse.  She's a good sport. ;)

Watching a random elementary school baseball game in the neighborhood.  Again, 50* and rainy.

Long awaited movie date with friends!

Hanging out at the Sunrise farm.  We miss the old farm, but the veggies are still good. :)

Alasdair's personal & writing retreat at Killington


Adara's very last Romp & Stomp.  I was nostalgic (she's been going since she was napping in the baby bucket seat!), but she's pretty over it and spent most of class playing outside by herself.

Rainy afternoon at the library.

Have I mentioned the rain?

Fancy dinner with friends, celebrating Noah as a young leader in the Upper Valley

Adara learns to kayak.

This crew.  Love them.

First bike ride to school with these tough guys!

Monday, May 1, 2017

April odds & ends

Adara had told me awhile ago that she had a loose tooth, but she kept changing which one she was pointing to so I assumed it was wishful thinking.  Then, one morning she showed me again, and I realized she did indeed have two very loose teeth. After breakfast while the girls were getting ready for church, they came bursting out of their bedroom to show us that Emily had pulled one out for her!  That afternoon, they spent most of their quiet time trying out different ways to get the second tooth out, until I eventually begged them to stop.  But, later that night at dinner, it came out.  So, her first two teeth out in one day!  

Begging every day to play baseball.  Despite it being 40* out with snow on the ground. 

Photographer for the local paper was wandering the neighborhood looking for human interest photos, so Emily had this moment of local fame. :)

Second grade singing the "Water Cycle Song" at Morning Sing

I'm not sure anything says New Hampshire spring like this.  Playing around the last stubborn snow banks on the first hot day.

Our backyard is always muddy for a few days... but this wet spring it has been out of control. Ugh.

My main goal for the summer was to get the girls riding bikes without training wheels.  The last day of school break was beautiful out and and we gave it a try... a week later, Emily is riding around the neighborhood on her own, and Adara is riding great but just needs help getting started.
And this little guy is pretty happy about his strider bike!

Playdate with the neighbors - another pair of sisters about my girls' ages

Adara running romp & stomp

First time painting their own nails

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alden is THREE

I cannot imagine our family without this little boy!  He is snugly and affectionate, a complete extrovert and talks nonstop, loves sound effects and books and sports.  He was so excited about turning three and likes to tell me all the fun things he can do now that he's three, like celebration camp and soccer and school.. "Now that I'm three I can go to preschool, and then next year, I'll go to middle school."

We celebrated with a cake at community group the night before.  I asked him if he wanted football or baseball or soccer on his cake, and he came up with tennis. ;)

Going to bed for the last time as a 2 year old.

The girls each took some of their allowance and chose gifts on their own.

A rubiks cube and lacrosse sticks for the little boy who thinks he's 13.

Alden was so excited about the lacrosse sticks from my parents, He kept saying, "This is so cool! It's just like Ethan." Papa had stopped by after a meeting in town and it made Alden's day to play lacrosse with him!   And partway through the day he whispered to me, "Do I get to keep these?"   

We used to have a bunch of questions we asked the kids on their birthday... here's a video of Alden on his new bike answering some: