Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Adara turned SIX

Jeez. How did this HAPPEN?  It seems like last month I was telling a friend how much I was loving the girls being 4 & 2 because they were old enough to really play together, and she said, "I know, and wait till 5 & 3, it's even better!"  Now at 8 & 6(!!), they are best friends, and even pretty good at letting their little brother into their circle.  I am so grateful for and proud of these kids.  

Age five was a huge year for Adara!  I love that her fall birthday gave this 'extra' year to have her home with me.  She grew so much - really changing from a preschooler to a kid. She was a leader in her preschool class, became more able to understand herself and show compassion to others, and is so much fun to spend time with. She's strong, adventurous and capable - this year she learned to ski, swim, ride a bike, and water ski!  We sent her off to kindergarten with full confidence that she was ready to fly.



Birthday breakfast - bagels with candles. 


Her birthday fell on a Wednesday - outdoor classroom day - so her teacher invited me to join them. Chocolate cake baked over the fire and singing happy birthday around the tree circle.  I love this little hippy school. :)

Birthday cupcakes and trying out her new makeup set with friends after school.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

August seems so long ago...

...but it was a great month, so I'll feel like I missed something if I don't post about it at all!

Day at Mascoma with the Trumbulls & Orsatti's

A week at the lake! All the pictures must be on Alasdair's phone, but this about sums it up.

Boston Lot

Lots of reading & laying around

Farmers Market

Mommy Dari date.

Riding bikes.

Family cabin night!  We stopped for ice cream at the Lyme General Store, two doors up from our first apartment and where A & I used to go for ice cream all the time after dinner those first two years.

Hinman Cabin.

This was such a fun family adventure.

Back to the lake for the Fair.  Adara rode every ride except the Cobra... which she desperately wanted to try.  I still can't decide if it was the right decision not to take her on it.

Treasure Island.  We had to tear ourselves away when they closed the beach at 6pm.

Big House Weekend with friends.

 It was chilly, so this was our 'swimming' on the last day of summer vacation.

We didn't go to the River much this year, but stop by on the first day of school to throw rocks and zip line. 

I'm feeling a little sad looking through these about how fast summer went by.  But, this weekend has been 80* and sunny, so hopefully we'll get one last swim in before I put everything away!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Days of School

We had lots of summer fun in August, that I'll get to posting eventually.
But this week, after the seemingly shortest summer ever, the kids went back to school!

Emily was apprehensive going into 3rd grade but has loved it so far.  I'm so thankful.  She started last week, and the other two started yesterday.  Adara has been bursting with excitement for Kindergarten, and it sounds like it's been as great as she was hoping.   Alden has also been very excited for school, but was pretty scared on day one.  No tears at drop off though, and he is settling in.

So lucky to have big sister take care of her.  

We always get ice cream on the first day of school; even in the rain. ;)

Her class spends every Wednesday morning in the school's "outdoor classroom" (basically a tree circle with stumps and a fire pit). How cool is this?

Emily and some 3rd grade friends serving pizza to incoming Kindergartners at orientation.  How did she get to be one of the big kids?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

2nd half of July

Some good summer days...

Silly cousins

baseball buddies

 Canoeing on the Connecticut (we just discovered renting boats from Ledyard:)

Boston Lot

peaceful morning at the Montshire

More maple ice cream and baseball with frieds

 Summer Celebration Camp - pirates theme.

Norwich Fair

 Brave Adara & Fiona at the lookout on our hike
First time at the White Cottage

Alden's first time fully dressing himself - shirt inside out, shorts on backwards, and pink shoes.

Adara & Nico ready to race the Nighthawk