Monday, February 29, 2016

February miscellany

I've been going back through my pictures from this month and finding some sweet moments...
she heard her brother crying at the end of his nap and had an idea to cheer him up

these two are becoming good little buddies

 classic multi-tasking afternoon... listening to an Ed Welch talk online while making muffins

the girls "sledding" on our flat yard while Alden and I walked around our corner of the neighborhood.  lovely afternoon until Alden fell on his face for the 2nd day in a row.  poor nose.

Emily's class spent a lot of the winter studying ancient Egypt.  The kids did each researched and wrote simple reports, and did crafts to display as a museum for the 1st and Kindergarten classes to walk through.  It was really pretty impressive, and Emily loved it.  I was able to volunteer in Emily's class a couple of times during the project weeks, and it was so nice to finally get in and see her world there (despite it being a more chaotic classroom environment than I would like...).  I brought the younger two in on museum day, and turned by back on Alden for a minute until Emily's whole class burst out in laughter because he'd climbed up on a table.:)

her name in hieroglyphics?

a mummy

Egypt facts

The weather hasn't cooperated much, but I've loved the few Friday afternoons I could get out with these two!

Adara's last ski lesson day, the hill was solid ice, so they sent out the groomer.  The kids were already out there... which didn't look super safe, but it was kind of fun to watch the groomer up close, and it helped the snow a lot!

waiting for her certificate of completion for Sno Puppies :)

 relaxing at home after basketball

a few fun nights of laughter with friends..and matching sweaters

and after all winter of asking, we finally took them ice skating!  they both had hand me down skates that fit, and actually started to get the hang out if by the end.

a mommy-emi date at the pet store.  not my favorite place but it makes my nature girl SO happy.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February break

We had a full and fun February break week as a family.  We spent the first weekend in Killington with my parents and Mike's family, for Rosalie's birthday tradition.  It was the one absolutely frigid weekend of the whole winter, which was a bummer.  But, the oldest 3 still skiied for a couple of hours in the -15 windchill on Saturday!  And of course, we still did all the rest of the happy Killington things.  One of my favorites parts of the weekend was Rosalie's jokes, delivered with such great personality.  (especially the banana/orange knock knock joke told backwards, so that the punchline was "banana you glad I didn't say orange?" lol)

We got back from Killington around the same time the Orsatti's arrived, so we got to spent the evening with Brian & Rebeckah and the next morning with sweet Nico.  

Then, a day to pack and finish up work, and on Wednesday we drove to PA (the kids were awesome in the car, and we made it in 6h15m with only 1 10 minute stop!).  We had a few days to hang out with Granny and visit friends, and I got to attend Alasdair's marriage seminar at New Life.  He is such a good speaker!  It was really fun to be there for one of his events.  


first soft pretzels; one of the guys working brought over some dough so the girls could try making their own!

dinner with Uncle Will 

playdate with Luci & Joy Leander (we missed meeting AJ again! Boo.)

We drove home on Sunday and hit the grown running with a full week (the early bird deadline on our Walking Together Conference and the flurry of work around that, preparing for a board meeting, meetings every night, etc.  But, we made it to this weekend and were very glad to crash and catch up a little.