Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of Second Grade!

We are all feeling a little sad about sending Emily away all day again, but she did well today!  She's happy about her new teacher and the kids in her class.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Westport

I just found some more pictures from my birthday last week that make me so happy...

morning greetings from this little boy and his baseball glove

sharing my favorite spot

sister fun

and the girls learned to paddle board!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Westport Week!

Perfect weather, lots of swimming and gator rides and reading, fishing, frog catching, yummy dinners on the deck, and cousin time. 

Emily's special birthday present from Papa - a signed copy. 

34th birthday, spent with my favorite little people.

On our last full day, we overlapped at the palace rocks with Lee & Kathy, Tom & Leslie, Rob & Katie, as well as Mike & Nancy, Uncle Dave, and David & Kat.  Later that night dad & I said at the same time that that's how we remember the Palace Rocks of our childhoods.

peaceful slow mornings at the house, with lots of Ernie's muffins

Fishing off the dock with Mimi and Papa

We decided to make a day trip out of our drive home, so we took the ferry and headed for Burlington to do lunch, Ben & Jerry's, wander Church Street, and show the kids where we lived one summer.  
I love that little city - so many childhood memories of boating over for lunch and wandering the shops, and Alasdair & I loved the summer/s we spent there with Navs summer programs.
first time on the ferry!

I didn't anticipate the highlight of the day being the shortcut we took through the mall. ;)

The Eshbaughs ended up being in Burlington the same day for a bike race, so we managed to meet up for half of lunch, and some Church St. rock climbing.  

Rest of July...

The rest of July wasn't quite as great as the start of the summer. ;)   We were all pretty run down, and the kids ended up really sick for a week... summer is not the time for laying around the couch with high fevers and no appetite.  Looking back at pictures though, it's easier to find the highlights. 

Mud run @ Killington... we didn't expect this July event to be sub-60 degrees and rainy. So cold!  That finish line photo was taken after we waded through a pool at the end, so we were much less muddy.  Very thankful for the health club hot tub after this. :) 

CCEF New England dinner at the Powlison's farm in VT.  Alden & on Adara both sat and chatted with Kyle on this swing.

Bradford playground & Whippi Dip with friends.

"I'm playing lacrosse-game!"

Community Group cookout at the Elliott's.  The kids & I got lost and almost didn't make it... I'm so glad we did!  Beautiful spot, and all the kids played so well and worked hard together to make this pathway to their little house. 

Amanda's bridal shower at Westford, and some time to swim.

 Meanwhile, the Taber's stopped in to visit Alasdair & Alden

VBS week
Adara & Fiona onstage

Alden on Ethan's shoulders instead of in the nursery where he belonged.

The Leanders were vacationing nearby and came for dinner!  Such a gift to see these sweet friends and at long last meet their son Aaron. Adara & Luci hit it off right away, the boys played whiffle ball, and all the kids chased each other in circles around the house.  I wish I'd managed a good group picture!

We got a visit from Will too! Poor guy arrived just as Adara was getting super sick, so I wasn't the best hostess... but he and Alasdair had a great hike up Mt. Washington.  The kids were enamored of Will's red motorcycle.

After Summer Celebration Camp... sick week. :(
So miserable.  By the afternoon after the last day of Celebration camp, it was clear this wasn't just exhaustion.  I dragged them all out of the house in the afternoon so we could stock up on gatorade... not wanting to face out hot stick house again, we drove around town and ended up at the airport, and had a sweet half hour watching planes take off.

3 positive strep tests = everyone's first brush with antibiotics.

I thought we might never leave the house again, but of course they recovered, and by the end of the next week we were at Treasure Island for a great beach day with friends.  We even skipped Alden's nap (gasp).  

cupcakes for Hannah's 2nd birthday.

  beach to farm to farmers' market. 
good summer day.  'brothers' sharing fudge.

Great day trip to MA for Shannon's baby shower and swim time with the Weylers.  Love watching these 2nd cousins bond!  All 3 of our kids loved jumping off the diving board, and it was fun for Alasdair to see how far they've all progressed with their swimming and confidence in the water.  Alden has a bit too much confidence - he jumped right into the pool without his floats on - thankfully Papa saw it coming and jumped right in after him.

Rosalie entertained these 4 little girls for ages with wagon rides up and down the hill in the backyard.