Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 Months

At five months, Alden is pretty mellow, has a big smile and an enthusiastic laugh when tickled, and his favorite activity is eating his toes.  This month he started sitting the bumbo seat & excersaucer, and was dressed up in his sister's clothes for the first time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


My first baby started Kindergarten yesterday.  

Emily appeared by my bed fully dressed and shoes on at 6:30am. :)  She'd been telling me that she was "excited but a little nervous" - which is about how I felt too.  All the kids start out the morning on the playground - that part was very overwhelming to Emily, but when we got into her classroom she was more comfortable.  The moment for us to leave came faster than she'd expected though and she just dissolved into tears... so hard to leave her like that!  I knew she would be ok once she settled in, and she was.  She was all smiles at the end of the day and told me she'd had a "b... that means blast."  She wasn't quite ready to brave the bus this morning, so my good friend Megan - whose daughter is in Emily's class and older daughter is in 2nd grade - picked her up and she happily followed Lucy and Mallory in.  Phew.  She rode the bus home today and is excited to take it again tomorrow morning.  She'll ride with her friend Kaellyn (who, along with her mom, is living with us right now), so she'll have a buddy.  

It's been a big week here with all the new school starts and friends moving in; we are all pretty tired and I'm feeling for my girls as they are tired out from all the adjustments.  I think we'll all feel better as we settle into the new routine.

 so grateful for the sweet CRC friends in her class!

 at a table with two friends from preschool - Neveah & Lilly

 cupcakes at Mrs. Willeman's after school

today while Emily was at school, I could finally run with the younger two.  :)

gathering leaves while we wait for the bus (we were absurdly early to the bus stop)

How in the world is this happening???

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adara Starts "School"

Adara had her first real day of preschool yesterday.  She's in a class of 2 and 3 year olds at TMO (Toddler's Morning Out) and will go three mornings a week.  We started her a year earlier than Emily did because we thought she would be so sad without her sister once Emily starts full day Kindergarten next week.  And, it will give me a little time each week to get some work done while both girls are in school and Alden (fingers crossed) is napping.  In the long run I think that will be the right decision, although yesterday I was second guessing sending her away so much this year.  

We have some friends (mom and daughter) living with us for the month, and they moved in this week.  So her world is rocking a little bit right now.  She was the last kid out of the classroom yesterday (just by seconds) but the sad and serious look on her face as she silently lifted her arms up to me broke my heart.  Adara is so confident, she's the kid I don't worry about... but that look reminded me she's still my baby!  I just want to snuggle her this week.

Of course, that's me.  I think Adara is doing fine. :)

She'd gone to "orientation" the day before, where she got to play in the classroom with me there for 45 minutes.  She, of course, loved it and cried on the way home.  

The morning of school, she was dressed and had her backpack on 20 minutes before we needed to go, asking "Mommy, is it time to go yet?  ... Now can we go?  ... Is it time to go to school yet??"  She went into the class easily, and when I warned her it was almost time for me to leave, she said right away "I'm ready for you to go." and went off to play.  Emily chased her down for a goodbye hug. :)  
She said she had a great time, even though she had nothing to say about the other kids except "everybody tried to take my stuff"  "I tried and tried with all my might to share... but I didn't want to."  The teachers told me that she did great, was very articulate (no surprise) and polite (hmm).  She is still speechless with excitement to go back tomorrow. 

 (Her preschool meets in the basement of the white church next to Baker Library.  It was kind of a strange moment to park next to my old college dorm to walk my daughter to preschool orientation!)


Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Week of Summer

We've had one good last week of summer...

swimming in the White River by the West Hartford bridge
(you know it's August in NH when you are swimming & finding colored leaves at the same time)

visit to Elizabeth's Park in Bradford and a stop for Ice Cream, playing in the water at the Montshire
day at Treasure Island with lots of friends
(didn't want this last beach day to end!)

 and Labor Day weekend at the Lake, celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday with family and friends,
(dinner at the Normandy Club and laughing & telling high school and college stories back at the house)

 Daniel & Alden having some boy time, growling at each other

fishing off the dock, Emily & Rosalie caught fish at the exact same time
"Look Emily!  We have matching fish!"
(I don't recall fishing being this easy when I was a kid...)

... and now we're ready for school to start!  Adara starts preschool (three mornings a week) on Wednesday and then Emily starts full day Kindergarten next Monday.  Eek!!