Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a happy and busy Thanksgiving in Westford!  Lots of family & cousin time, a soccer game from which I am still sore, and many walks around Grassy Pond.  As usual, I didn't take any pictures and have to get them from other people.  Also as usual, there are only pictures of the kids, and mostly the younger ones as Emily & Rosalie were off on their own most of the time.  :)  

Syndey * Daniel * Rosalie * Emily *Adara

The evening after Thanksgiving, when the house was full of my cousins (so happy!!), Emily sidled over to me and said, "It's too crowded in here" while Adara toddled around in her turkey dress (that I swear Rosalie was wearing just yesterday! Was this really 2 years ago?) grabbing on to everyone's legs and happy for the attention.  Adara was especially happy to play with Syndey, and pat her (see photo above), and she loved "meeting" her newest 2nd cousin, Maggie, via Skype... she laughed and poked at the screen until we dragged her away.

Addendum: I just found these photos on Alasdair's phone.  We stopped to visit his Aunt Abby, Uncle Paul and cousin Cathy on our way to MA, and they thoughtfully set out the perfect toys & snacks for the girls.  Emily warmed right up to "Granny's sister".

Sunday, November 4, 2012


(Whoops, I meant to post this a week ago!)

I took both girls to the doctor for check ups this week.  They both did great!   Poor Adara had to get 4 shots and a blood draw. :(   Luckily we had her newly discovered favorite doll along to cheer her up.

Emily at 3 years & 4 months - 34lbs (68%) and 3'4" tall (89%)  She's wearing 4T these days, size 8 shoes
Adara at 13 months - 20lbs (28%) and 2'6" tall (67%)  Wearing 12mo, size 4 shoes