Saturday, February 9, 2013


After a family walk, Emily wanted to stay out and play in the snow (by herself, in the dark, and about 15* weather).  When she finally came in, she begged to keep all her snow gear on.  We insisted she take of the mittens so she could hold her fork to eat dinner, but she won on the rest.

Adara's new word of the day is potty ("pah-ee").  All day she has been begging incessantly for "hep" taking her clothes and diaper off so that she can go "pah-ee".  She was so adamant about it today that I pulled out the baby potty.  It took some convincing for her to accept that it was indeed a potty, but now she loves to sit on it.  No success yet.  Twice today she told me "pee pee" over and over until I took off her diaper and sat her on the potty.  Both times she got off the potty, ran away naked, and proceeded to pee on the floor almost immediately.  So, maybe she is on to something?  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reading & Drawing

We spent most of January down with the flu, croup, colds & the stomach bug, so there haven't been many adventures to report.  A few days ago, Emily made her first drawing that wasn't scribbles, with only a little help.  (It's a person laying down in a bed with "night night animals"... with some scribbles above.)  She also has really taken to the idea of learning to read, so we've been talking about letter sounds and sounding out words.  She has a friend who can already read and she was just amazed to see a kid about her age reading.  She's been pretending to read her books out loud.

Adara is talking more by the day, she has dozens of words and some basic two-word sentences.  I love it!  She also continues to be into everything, and happiest when free to roam.  (Result - her first big head bonk from pulling a stack of chairs down on her head at "Romp & Stomp")

Unrelated: I've updated our video page (link to the right) with lots of little video clips from the past couple years.  (Thank you smartphones.)