Thursday, May 1, 2014

He's Here!

James Alden Groves arrived just before 6pm on Monday April 28th.  He couldn't be more perfect, and his big sisters are beyond delighted with him.  The awe on their faces when they met him was priceless.

My labor started at 1am on Monday, but stayed slow all day... until about 4:15 in the afternoon when things moved into high gear very quickly.  After an uncomfortable drive to pick Alasdair up at work, we stopped in at the Eikhoff's (where the girls were) to tell them we were headed in and hug the girls goodnight.  After a few more stops on the way to the hospital so I could walk during contractions, and a very long walk from the parking lot, we made it to a delivery room about 15 minutes before Alden made his arrival.  I am very glad that's over!  Everything since has gone very smoothly, and so far Alden is a champion eater and sleeper.  As parents, everything seems a bit easier the third time around.  And we are so so grateful to have Mimi here taking care of us!


 (There seem to be more pictures of Emily than Adara with him, probably because the newest big sister has a harder time being still and gentle.  She informed me adamantly that "boys aren't fragile.")