Friday, March 27, 2015


So much fun to see Emily rocking the trail where I learned to ski at her age. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

February Miscellany

Around those big events, we had lots of other good winter fun last month.  Emily really took off with skiing - she did great in her Saturday morning ski lessons, and we did a few Sunday afternoon trips to Quechee, as well as a few days at Killington.  SO fun to see her really get it, and love it.

The kids and I did the Occum Pond party.  (The theme of weekends this winter has been mommy taking the girls outside for winter while daddy stays home with Alden.  I think everyone has been pretty happy with that arrangement. ;)

 Another day, we met up with the Swans for a picnic at the Dartmouth greenhouse, which was a little taste of spring!  This place is a little hidden gem, with colorful flowers, bright sunlight and warm humid air giving a break from the winter cold.  

 Later that same day, we went out to a skating & s'more party.  Who doesn't want to roast s'mores when it's 8* outside?  

A low-light of February.  I was shoveling and Emily was playing nearby, neither of us very carefully, and my shovel managed to collide with her forehead. :(  I felt pretty terrible, but Emily took it well and was a great sport about getting glued at the ER.

 The week of Valentine's Day, the kindergarten at Mt. Leb performed a song at morning sing.  
(video on the videos page)

Some days, you give up on it all and lay on the floor and let the kids climb all over you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meeting Cousin Nicolas

On our way home from Logan after the Florida trip, we took a short side trip to Brookline to meet a very special little boy!  I hate that sickness kept us away from him for a month, but we were so glad to finally hold him.

(Emily was too busy climbing on Aunt Becky's bunk beds to hold Nico.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Our second big February weekend was a quick trip to Florida to visit Grandma & Grandpa Groves.  

 My seatmate.   The kids all did great on the plane! (Even though Alden only slept about 20 minutes.)

 First thing Emily did in FL - identify this tree. :)
 65* and cloudy at 8:30 and they were in the pool.  I had to explain to Grandpa that it was almost 100 degrees warmer than it had been at home the morning before!

 A view from my run.

 playing with Alexa ("Cousin A") was a big highlight!  
I would like to borrow a 9yo for all future vacations.

 20 minutes of total peace. 
 many rounds of pinochle


 another big highlight - fishing with daddy and Grandpa

 She caught a fish on her first try - this girl has luck!

 It's SO nice to travel with children who are old enough to be truly helpful.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sibling Love

Lately the kids have been really loving each other.  We have our fair share of bickering, but the girls get along so well, and they both adore Alden (and he of course is fascinated by them).

Whenever Adara gets some kind of treat while Emily is at school, she insists on saving some for her sister.  Recently Adara had stayed for "lunch bunch" after her preschool, and as soon as Emily got in the car after school, she couldn't wait to ask Adara with genuine interest "How was lunch bunch?  Tell me about it, what made it so fun?"  Right now they are watching "Fantasia" (Sunday night is pizza movie night, and we watch the same two sections of Fantasia almost all the time), and whenever Adara identifies a character or god (it's based on greek mythology), Emily is saying, "Great job Adara!  You got it!"  They often come home from school with pictures for the other, or for Alden.  Adara likes to play with Alden, reading to him or bringing him toys.  Emily is always on the looking for what she calls "chokies" (anything he could fit in his mouth) and watching him near the steps.  
It's such a sweet stage.

pizza movie night