Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Six Months


This easy-going charmer is six months old!  He's taken to solid foods like a fish to water, has loved it from the first taste (which was avocado).   He's just barely sitting up on his own, starting to babble, still loves to gnaw on fingers.  He's quick to smile and laugh, and very tolerant of the aggressive love of his older sisters.  I can't imagine our family without this sweet boy.




Monday, November 3, 2014


This was the first year that the girls were really aware of and excited about Halloween (thank you school:), and they were counting down the days all week.  They'd have still been content to pull costumes out of the dress up box, but Alasdair was a softie and let them order Frozen costumes.  So, we had some of the many Elsa's, Anna's and Olaf's.  This is the first movie they've loved, and it could kind of be written about them.  (A few days before Halloween, Dori Willeman invited the girls over to her house for dinner and to watch Frozen, and they were in heaven.)
We had dinner at the Willeman's with a bunch of friends from church and then came back to our neighborhood to trick or treat.  The girls went to about 10 houses, and then we came back and handed out candy.  The big house to visit in our neighborhood is "Miss Vicky's" - the well-loved elementary school secretary.  She and her husband go all-out for Halloween, and this year they had a whole dark circus theme in their yard.  One of my favorite things about Halloween is how outgoing Emily is every year.  She walked right up to strange houses and talked to people about her costume and her siblings.  At home, she calls to the children in the street and happily hands out candy.  So funny.

 I think Adara's favorite treat was this juicebox.
 There may have been 1000 Elsa's, but Emily was the only "Elsa cat"

Our happy little Olaf was a big hit