Friday, September 30, 2016


Photo dump for the second half of September.... fall suddenly feels like it's flying by!

Alden doesn't cry at drop off anymore, but he does insist on carrying Adara's backpack into school every day and stopping to say hello to Ms. Vicky.  He also likes to tell anyone who will listen that it's his "first day of school."

A random Friday afternoon I decided to take the little two on an adventure while Emily was at gymnastics; we got as far as the garage and remembered the car was in the shop.  So, we took the (free!) bus!  That was enough adventure in and of itself; I'm not sure I've ever seen Alden so excited.  We rode through White River Junction and into Hanover, wandered around Main Street in the sunshine, and checked out a new-ish chocolate and cupcake shop.  The kids did such a good job just choosing one thing to share, that the girl behind the counter gave them each an extra rainbow-sprinkle covered truffle.  Then, Alasdair brought the older girls to meet us and we watched an acrobatic dance show on the side of some campus buildings.  Such a fun afternoon.

And then, two of my very favorite people came to visit me in the same week!  Just when September was really getting me down, this was such a sweet gift.  We didn't do anything special; it's a real friend who will come to visit you and spend a few days hanging out while wrangling kids. :)

We barely took any pictures while Annabel & Adia were here, but the kids loved playing with her.  It's so fun to see them be the big kids.

Emily's teacher got engaged, and Emily stayed home from one of our walks and made her this amazing card.

The kids loved baby Molly!  We abandoned the 'no climbing on the table' rule for a few days because Alden just could not stay away from this adorable centerpiece.

Last weekend was gorgeous, and we had some great family time.  We had family photos taken and then took the kids to lunch at Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, which turns out to be a great family spot.  We at outside and the kids played on the playground and the lifesize chess board.  And the food was awesome.  My dad stopped by that night on his way home from the lake and brought us Indian food.  On Sunday afternoon, we went apple picking with Tom & Leslie & Laurel at Riverview Farms... which was pretty much an excuse for me to get maple ice cream (with maple sugar candy sprinkles)...SO.GOOD.

And, it's hiking season!  

Emily's transitions from school to home have been much better this year.  Here the girls are catching up on their days one afternoon last week.

a couple random pictures I found on Alasdair's phone :)

It's truly fall now, and Alasdair's  travel season started this weekend.  Sigh.  I did still have some cute company on the front porch for awhile tonight while the girls watched a movie. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Flower girl

We spent last weekend in MA for my cousin Amanda's wedding.  Adara was the flower girl, which was especially fun since I was a flower girl in Amanda's mom's wedding when I was about the same age.

Alasdair helped perform the ceremony, so he & Adara went on a little date to the rehearsal.  On the wedding day, she was so happy to have all the special treatment of getting her nails painted by mommy and hair by Auntie Bekah.  She and I waited outside the church for the wedding party to arrive, and she was captivated by the bride. "Doesn't she look like a queen, mommy?"


.She was so brave standing in the back of the church with the wedding party while the rest of us were seated, and walked seriously and slowly down the aisle with the ring bearer.  She forgot to drop her petals, and the look on her face as she sat down in the pew with me and realized she'd forgotten was heartbreaking.  She was devastated that she hadn't done her job... but hearing the other wedding mishap stories from others helped her recover eventually.  I was really proud of how she did at the rehearsal, wedding, and reception.

With the groom!  Welcome to the family, Julio!!

They had an amazing outdoor reception in Uncle Jim's backyard.  

I loved catching up with my cousins, and dancing with our moms and Grammy T!  
I wish I'd taken a picture of Adara and Auntie Rosalie together.  Adara fell and got hurt, so Auntie slipped her a dollar bill.  Of course a few minutes later Adara with back with another owie... ;)

We also got to go to Jolene's first birthday party!

Cousin walk...

Back to school, con't...


Adara started back to preschool at Mt. Leb on Tuesday.  She'd had mixed feeling about going back, but a home visit from her teacher got her excited about all the new things to come now that she'd be in the 4yo class.  She hasn't loved every minute of it, but each day has been more positive.  And of course still so happy to see Fiona when we can!  These two are non-stop mischief.

Of all the kids, Alden has had by far the hardest adjustment.  He's cried at almost every school drop off, asks for his sisters and big kid friends constantly, and is SO fussy.  Good thing he's so cute!

We've really been enjoying walking Emily to school when we can!  

We're still hanging on to some summer things...  It's still been so warm, I couldn't resist bringing the kids back to Trues Ledges one afternoon.

 Last farmer's market. 

Alasdair is giving Emily piano lessons while I take Adara to soccer on Saturday mornings.  I think you can click this link to see a video of her first song.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

End of Summer

I am still working on getting my head around the fact that summer vacation is over.  This summer went by so fast!  It started out chaotic and fun and exhausting, as summers have tended to be lately - trying to cram in as much work and sunshine as possible.  In August though, we managed to slow down and savor the time a bit more.  We started with that week at the lake, and came home more ready to take life as it came.  I think I said "we'll play it by ear" more last month than in the rest of my 34 years. ;)  It was a good month.

I just uploaded over 300 pictures to our August albums... I can't blog it all, but here is an out-of-order smattering of memories.. so many sweet summer afternoons with friends, by the pool or lake or river or playground or farmer's market.  We also had our annual weekend at the Big House with friends, a major highlight of the summer.

Eastman beach day

learning about archeology

 ready for her very first birthday party!

discovering Trues Ledges

Treasure Island
most people would let a two year old paddle boat with the middle schoolers, right?

last day at the pool

Ethan is a teenager!

rope swing on Mascoma

ready to deliver invitations to our neighborhood ice cream party.

And now, at the time of year where I am usually craving the return to order and structure and school... while these things all do sound nice, part of me would rather not.  I guess that's a good thing?   The 'back to school' transition takes a couple of weeks here; Emily starting this week was the biggest adjustment, then Adara starts next week, and it takes some time to find our new stride and figure out if I'll need extra babysitting for work time, etc.  I think by the end of next week we'll be feeling good!  I really do love fall!