Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Annabel & Tim!

We spent the weekend before last in the Hamptons celebrating Annabel and Tim's wedding! Aside from Emily having a high fever and being generally miserable the whole time... it was wonderful. :) Really, it was so good to catch up with friends, get to know Tim a little, and see Annabel in person after many months of being an ocean apart. Here are some pictures I stole from Juanita's facebook page.

Bachelorette time

My best matchmaking endeavor: getting my dear cousin & dear friend to be friends!

The happiest Emily was all weekend - playing with Juanita's cat purse. Thanks Jua!

Daddy's girl

Monday, July 26, 2010

Brought to you by the letter "B"

Emily is "talking" more and more these days. She really only has two consonants though, which limits her! She loves the letter B, and is pretty good with D. T& M make an occasional appearances.
Bow-bow (what a doggie says)
Boo! (peekaboo)
Boom! (something hitting the ground, or "I am about to throw this on the ground")
Booo (what a cow says)
Ba (ball)
[Yes, these are 5 distinct words! She also occassionally says "bu" for book and "baba" for bottle]
Daddy, Dada (Daddy, or any other person she knows)
Mum-mum (yum, or 'feed me that')
Aahh-du (all done)
Tiddy (kitty)
Baby (baby doll, or any young child she sees)
Bebe (belly button)
This last one is going to get me in trouble. She likes to pull up my shirt and point to my belly button, and say 'belly button'. Unfortunately, to the untrained ear (ok, any ear), her word for belly button sounds just like "baby". Someone is definitely going to get the wrong idea!
I can't believe I forgot her favorite word of all... "Hi!" Once she has your attention, she will say this over and over. Lately she will hold up an object to her ear (nail clippers, thermometer, spoon) and say "hi" as if it were a phone. She also says "bye-bye" any time she sees someone holding a bag and looking like might be going out the door.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Emily took 4 steps last night, twice. Today she is back to crawling, but the line has been crossed. :)

We move into our NH house tonight.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

June Pics

A few pics from June, most of which other people took, are here.