Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florida - Part 2

Here are a few videos from the FL trip.  Actual trip recap is here.

Florida - Part 1

We spent last weekend in Florida, visiting Alasdair's extended family .  We don't get to see them often enough, so we treasure those times!  

The girls were great travelers!   I was so proud of them for being good on the plane especially.  Emily was delighted to be "way up high in the air" and Adara charmed our flightmates with her big smiles.  (If only the girls would sleep at other people's houses, they would really be A+ travelers... sigh.)  While waiting to board our flight on the way home, Alasdair & I were laughing about something not all that funny (like you do when you are sleep deprived!) and the ladies sitting across from us commented on how great it was that we could laugh together, especially in a stressful situation.  

Emily attached herself quickly to "my cousin named Alexa" - which is why we apparently didn't manage to get any pictures of her with her great grandparents.  Darn!  We were trying not to obsess over photos -- which I think overall is a good thing, but we did miss some things - including the presence of Megan, Aunt Jill, Isabella, Taylor & Dalton, and Felix.  Sorry guys! :(

Grandpa Jim doesn't see very well, but he could tell when Adara was flashing her giant grins - which she did most of the time he was holding her.  They got along very well.  

 Adara loved the bright colors on Grandma's shirt.

The time Emily didn't spent following Alexa around, she spent sitting by the pool "fishing".  She also got a lot better at swimming, making it all the way across the pool (with swimmies).  

Looking forward to all the trouble these girls will cause together!  

 At dinner one night, Emily separated the onion from her burger and made bracelets.

Uncle Brian was great with the girls.

Our one trip to the ocean.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


She keeps us laughing!

The other day I asked Emily if she was delicious... "No!  I'm Emily Claire Groves!  Well, maybe my name could be Emily Claire Groves Pickle Delicious."   [Pickle is Granny Groves' nickname for Emily.]   When she needs my help, she's taken to yelling, "Help me!  Ayuda me!"  (Thank you Dora.)

Recently she has wanted to pray before dinner.  She squeezes her eyes shut and uses the same phrases every time.  "Lord... please help us eat and rest and love each other.  and please help us take naps."  Reveals what she hears us pray for most!

I wish I could video everything she says - her pipsqueaky voice and funny little phrases.  While Becky was living with us, she kept a list of funny things Emily said (something I've always meant to do); here are a few of my favorites.

L: yell if you need me.
E: (immediately) EEEEEEEEEE!

B: you are ready to rock!
E: and roll, too!

L: (puts present under the tree)
E: did you bring me gold and frankincense and myhrr?

L: let's watch a video of your friend rachel!
E: let's watch Dora instead!

E: can I borrow Adara?
B: what for?
E: disobeying!

E: (after flinging her bunny puppets across the room) I think the bunnies are covered in hurt!

B: do you want to put your other sock on?
E: no, I want to put it on the doorknob and save it for later..

B: you're funny.
E: no, I'm hilarious!

B: hey small fry!
E: I'm a home fry! A BIG home fry!

E: Becky Becky Becky Becky!
B: What do you need?
E: You!!!

E: mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy!
L: I'm listening. What do you want to say?
E: I want to say mommy!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Look what I found, mom!  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3 months!

Adara is three months old today.  That feels like a big milestone to me -- she's just not a new baby any more!  A few recent changes: we don't swaddle her anymore when she sleeps, and she's sort of started laughing although only for daddy.  (And yes, she is wearing a glow in the dark skeleton onesie - first thing I grabbed out of the drawer this afternoon.:)

We started 2012 on a sad note, as my Grampy T. died early on the morning of the 1st.  I was able to spend Saturday evening with other family members sitting around his bed, crying, laughing & singing hymns.  I brought Adara with me, and she brought us some smiles during the bittersweet time.  I am so grateful that we were able to visit Grampy over Thanksgiving - he commented after meeting Adara that she had eyes like blueberries (fruit analogy - no surprise!:).  His was a life well lived, and he commented often over the last year that he had "no regrets."