Friday, December 14, 2012

Emily's First Haircut

I took Emily to get her first real haircut last week.  She loved it, although not as much as she loved the popcorn we got afterwards.  :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Our tree is up and Emily is loving the Advent calendar.  Alasdair randomly dressed the girls in Christmas outfits one day last week.  All day people were asking me if we were getting pictures taken... so I attempted a few on my phone... right before nap time, while Adara needed her diaper changed.  Not the best quality, but so it goes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things We Are Into

It's been awhile since I did one of these!    Actually, the last one I can find is from two years ago.  (Eek, this makes me so nostalgic.)

Her "USA" outfit.  This came in a box of hand me downs from our good friends.  Emily wore it to gymnastics  once and her teacher commented on it... so of course she's worn it every Friday since.  (It's now a running joke at gymnastics.)  This week, she's tried to wear it every day, and hates having it covered up by a sweatshirt... so she is always cold.  I wasn't in the mood for a fight, so she wore it under her church clothes on Sunday.  I've snuck it away to the laundry pile today!  (Alasdair & I agree that this might be the best picture of her ever taken.  That she spontaneously made the 'not impressed' face makes it even better.)

Writing.  She's just taken an interest in drawing letters.  I found her here writing a note to Uncle Alden on my grocery list.  She's always asking me for a pen.  Setting up scenes with all of her stuff animals. Often lately they are all in school and she is the teacher, or they are all her 'kids' and she is reading them a story, or they are all having a picnic.  Watching PBS kids on the iPad.  Watching out for her sister.  When she's not knocking Adara over or taking her toys, she's very concerned for her safety.  While playing on the couch the other day, Adara kept leaning over the arm and Emily would grab her shirt and tell her not to fall.  I told her to stop yanking on Adara, that she was fine... and Adara promptly fell on her head.  Later, I was letting Adara wander around while we watched Alasdair tie the Christmas tree to the roof of the car, and Emily was very nervous, kept asking me to pick Adara up because we were near the parking lot.

EVERYTHING.  She constantly has her arm extended, grunting and grabbing at anything she isn't allowed to touch.  If she doesn't pull down the Christmas tree, it will be a minor miracle.  Walking.  She really doesn't crawl anymore, and she's moving fast!  Today I was focused on Emily for a minute while I put the recycling in the car, and I looked up to find Adara had followed the cat down the driveway and across the street. (Minor panic!  I guess it's a good thing Emily watches out for her.)  Climbing. We now have a little stool by the front window and she's delighted to be able to look out.  Books.  She's constantly bringing me  "Baby Bear Baby Bear" or"Polar Bear Polar Bear" (from the 'What do you see?' series).  She loves to drink out of my cup.  She wants constant attention and activity.  Loves to go to bed (throws her bunny into the crib and then lunges out of my arms).  Her sister.  She adores Emily ("Umi").  At bedtime, she will say night night to all of us, but will lean past mommy or daddy to give Emily kisses (despite the fact that Emily rejects them 50% of the time).