Sunday, July 6, 2014

June miscellany


playground dates with friends

  sibling snuggles

very first trip to the grocery store with 3 kids

doctor's office with 3 kids

Adara inherits a bike
Alden is filling up the bassinet already

all 3 sound asleep on the way home from the pool 

Alden watches leaves while Mommy mows the lawn (big sisters are still asleep in the car)

laundry helper

more sibling love

Emily & Henry spent over an hour in the woods making a fort.  (First kid swap watching 6 kids, amazingly smooth.)

trying out their new goggles.  adara begged to sleep in hers.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sunday Morning Picnic

The joys of having one car... the kids & I had to drop Alasdair off early at church for worship practice, so we had a Dunkin Donuts picnic on the Green with our extra time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Regular Saturday

Here's what a regular Saturday at home looks like...

I got away between Alden's feedings to meet my friend Rachel for breakfast and we sat outside on a lovely sunny June morning.  I brought her daughter home with me to spend the day with us while mom & dad packed up their apartment for their move to DC this week.  (Boo!) 

 Alasdair took all three girls on his normal dump & bank trip, then left to help other friends with their move for a couple hours. The girls while the girls rode bikes and generally ran in circles around the house, 

while Alden and I worked on getting a mailing out for work. 

We went to the pool
 (Alden slept in his stroller the whole time),

and the kids ate on the deck

 while Alasdair practiced music for church.

 When the girls were finally in bed, we relaxed with one of our old favorite meals

and a yummy dessert courtesy of Rachel & Pete.

Life is full, but beautiful.