Sunday, March 30, 2014

March iPhone Photo Dump

Isn't the Green lovely in March?

Not a lot to report... winter is dragging on and on but we are doing ok!  

Emily is still loving preschool.  One of the aides in her class sent me these pictures.
princess hat

Lots of good sister play time

working together on a banana & coconut concoction (video here)

helping make brownies

puddle splashing on a rare warm day, with their "ungrellas"

A friends tea party birthday party

 smoothie face

pretend sleepovers

We got in one last ski day & Killington overnight with some friends this weekend, which was such a fun getaway.  We had a surprisingly good weather day and all the kids played so well.  We should always travel with older kids to entertain ours!
special chocolate donut breakfast before skiing

The kids skied all morning and played in the snow after lunch, and then swam before dinner...but of course all I have pictures of is playing inside and watching TV.  

 No nap on a busy day = tired toddler in the afternoon!

Ready to drive back for church

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Killington Take Three

The one thing that makes me happy about the long winter is that we might have another chance to make it out to Killington.  :)  We spent Friday night and Saturday there this past weekend, and learned (how have we not known this?!) that kids under 6 ski for free.  We took the girls to the magic carpet at Ram's Head, which is the perfect level for them.  Emily amazed me (and I think herself too!) by skiing the whole way down on her own the first run, complete with turning and stopping herself.  I did have to slow her down a little since her pizza wedge isn't strong enough to really check her speed.  The girls both did about 5 runs, and then after a hot cocoa break, my parents and I took Emily down one run at Snowshed.  She did great - kept a great attitude the whole way even though it was a bit above her level.  Towards the bottom as I was helping her finish up, she called out, "Mom!  I forgot all about being nervous!".  We'll call that a success. :)

I didn't realize quite how crazy and pregnant I looked on skis until I saw this video!

First Snowshed run!

 rest time at the condo.  I was the only one reading an old fashioned book. :)

the girls favorite part of any Killington day - swimming at the health club

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Miscellany

After nap snuggles with Daddy on a Sunday afternoon

Reading to a friend who'd been sad in nursery at Bible study

morning snuggles and quiet time with mommy

dressing herself, ready for spring

eating snow on top of the mountain

belated Valentine's breakfast date

trying on mommy's shoes (taken immediately before she fell over)

getting herself dressed for school

watching Gracie Gold with the E's

helping Daddy shovel