Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sweet boy

Alden is so stinking cute right now, I can't handle it. He continues to be super social and loves to be the center of attention at dinner.  He knows what to say and what faces to make to get us to laugh... and when we miss it, he orders, "laugh." The girls completely encourage him, and if I don't spoil him rotten, they will!  They're always trying to give him his pacifier when he's not supposed to have it ("But he wants it mom!  He asked for it!"), etc. He adores his sisters and their friends, and wakes up in the morning asking for playdates and listing names of his friends. He's constantly pointing at strangers and asking me "Who dat?"  He loves to hand me things and say "hee-go mama." and says "tank-oo mama!" so happily when I give him something.  The other night at 2am after I fumbled around in the dark to find a stuffed animal he wanted, he patted my shoulder and said, "good job mama!"  Last night at a similar time when he wanted to giggle and talk, I said "Alden, I love you but you have *got* to go back to sleep, and he wrapped his arms tight around my neck and pressed his face against mine, "I lub yu mama."  He's spent some time watching Star Wars with Alasdair & the girls and can list all the characters.  He pointed to a blank TV screen last week and said "Choo-bacca!" He can also sing the Star Wars song.  A few of his favorite sounds are the garage door - "Daddy home!" - and the tea kettle - "Cocoa ready!"  There are some recent videos of his sweet voice on our video page. He loves books, and somehow he applied "tickle me" to asking us to read him a book, and came up with his most common request, which is "bookle me."  He's also definitely approaching two and starting to have strong opinions.  We hear a lot of "No way!" and "no like it" and "no, dari! no, emi!"

tells us when he's tired

often insists on taking a book to bed with him

somehow it just kills me that he's old enough to do romp & stomp

discovered he loves olives

learning to play with scissors while I attempt to work ;)