Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toddler Talk

We are (hopefully) at the tail end of a couple weeks of chaos.  We love our new home!  We moved in May 12th and have been having some work done, which has meant we haven't had a functional kitchen yet... hopefully by Thursday.  One of these days I will post some pictures, but in the meantime I have to jot down a few of the Emily words that make me smile.

"Snook" as the past tense of sneak.  As in her gleeful smile when she asks the rhetorical, "Did I snook out of quiet time?"

"Ever ever" As in "I will not ever ever hurt you Mama."  Or (after I warned her that if she fell off the deck railing and broke her arm, she wouldn't get to go swimming this summer), "I will not ever ever break my arm!"

"Why not can I?" instead of "Why can't I?"  as in "Why not can I climb on the railing?"

Her "th" sound often comes out as "fl" as in "This finger is my flumb!"
Her rolled r sound (when trying to speak her Dora-inspired Spanish) comes out as a "d" as in "gadacias" for gracias.  She also says "de mada" instead of "de nada".

Sometimes I wish I could just bottle her up at this age forever!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seven Months

At 7 months, Adara is still a very happy, social baby.  She is babbling up a storm and discovering she can make all kinds of new noises.  She loves to use her hands and will grab anything in reach, and often things we thought were out of reach.  She is getting pretty good at sitting up although she still needs help, and is starting to want to move herself around. (We spent a weekend with one of her baby-friends who can crawl: you can see Adara's fascination with Emma in this picture.)

A few more from today:

Edit: I got distracted with pictures and forgot some of the notes I meant to include about Adara at 7 months. She is loving solid foods now - so much more than I ever remember Emily eating.  She likes oatmeal and prefers veggies (and baby meats -- eww) to fruits.  She had been sleeping through the night (except a 10pm feeding) but has been starting to wait up again... I'm not sure if it's stomach trouble and I should limit her solids, or hunger and I should increase them?  Or teeth?  (She still has just the two bottom middles, but she might be working on some more.)  For now, I'm hoping it will just run its course.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Conversation with Emily yesterday... for some reason she started calling me "God" and I explained to her that we weren't going to pretend mommy is God, since "only God is God".  She smiled deviously and said, "Is Jesus God?"  Very proud of herself that she caught me. ;)

And since all posts need a picture... is there anything sweeter than a baby wrapped up in a towel?