Sunday, May 15, 2016

"I free and half"

How to summarize this little boy?  He's affectionate, smart, and social, knows how to make us laugh, and will reward your undivided attention with cheerful chatter, impish grins, and easy laughter.  He does not like to be ignored, and used to the attention of his big sisters and a variety of big kid friends, is not great at independent play. He wants to be held and read to constantly; current favorites is Go Dog Go.  He's recently developed a little boy's love of trucks, but is terrified of the vacuum cleaner & lawnmower.  When asked how old he is, he without fail answers "three and half."  

unhappy when mama is trying to get anything done

chocolate cake at community group = birthday party. :)

Still in love with his "taba"

Lots of little video clips on our April video page. :)