Monday, May 23, 2011


Alasdair & I went to the wedding of some sweet Dartmouth friends on Saturday. It was so lovely! It was fun to see a number of our friends with new babies, and we were a little bit sad not to have Emily with us... but she is definitely too old to sit through a wedding. Conveniently, the wedding was 20 minutes from my parents house, so we swung by and dropped her off on the way (oh, and wrapped the gift and upgraded my whole outfit... I love my mom!) . We didn't take any pictures, of course.

What we do have pictures of, is MUD. With all the rain this spring, we have a constant puddle in our dirt driveway. Sometimes I make Emily stay away from it, and sometimes I just don't fight that battle. Today while I made lunch, she pulled on her green frog rainboots and my winter hat, and went outside. I could see her through the window splashing in the mud. I looked out a few minutes later and saw just two green rainboots sticking out of the puddle. I opened the door to find Emily standing there holding out her brown hands and explaining "I got muddy."

Monday, May 9, 2011


We had a lovely visit from Granny & Uncle Alden this weekend -- no pictures were taken, but it was a great weekend. A playground visit, lots of time playing outside, and of course, lots of time with Emily in Alden or Granny's arms. :) While Emily was sleeping, Alden beat us in Boggle (nice to have some good competition around here!), we played pinochle & chatted. We finally had great weather for guests!

Picking daffodils is a new favorite pastime- we have a lovely bowl full of them on the dining room table. This morning she picked one "for mimi".

Emily has become quite the little chatterbug lately. She's been a good talker for awhile, but only in the last couple weeks has she started warming up to guests enough to dominate the dinner table conversation. Her conversation consists mostly of pointing out her surroundings (repeatedly). As in...
"That's a window. That's a monkey. Monkey says 'oo oo'. Monkey eat denana. Those is horsies, horsies eat grass. Horsies live in the barn. Because dey're animals. That's mommy. That's daddy. That's the window. That's the window! That's monkey..says 'oo oo' etc."

We need to start learning where to draw the line between letting her participate, but also to keep quiet and let the grown ups talk.

She also talks to herself, her toys, and especially the cats. Her standard conversation starter is, "Hi Syntax! Did you wake up?" She's lately started ordering the cats around, "C'm eer Blaisuh, c'm eer! Sit in Emi's lap." I am surprised by how well the cats tolerate her affection (see picture below.) Today in the car she asked the stream we were passing, "Waters, can you hear me?"

(Sytnax actually hopped up in the chair of her own accord & didn't run away despite Emily's insistent kisses.)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


another attempt to post video here....