Saturday, July 9, 2016

4th of July

We had a great weekend at Westport for the 4th.  This year is the 50th anniversary of the Lee Trust, so there was extra effort put in by a number of people to give family members a chance to connect and experience the property in fun and traditional ways.  Bekah and I took the kids on Molly Hale's nature hike through the woods from Betsy's Apron to Halfway Point (where I'd never actually been!) and the older cousins on the hike (Lilly, Bic, Anne, Robert) were really good sports about having our crazy little crew along.  There was a good turnout at the family meeting (my favorite part was Chris Joliffe's promise to put dad's treasurer's report to music!;), and at the Big House cookout that night, which included toasts by Mary and Matt Hale, readings of old letters and guest book entries by various people, and music by Chris.  Our kids were up way past bedtime and fading as we wait for the music part of the evening, so I asked Chris if he could play some for them.  I treasure those moments of holding my kids while they listened enraptured to "Gonna Life on Perch" and "Gone to See my Rose" and then watching their eyes light up as everyone sang "goodnight ladies" as we left to put them to bed.  Such sweet memories and a reminder of what an amazing gift that place is.  The next morning, cousin Dave hosted a big perch breakfast at the Big House.  Yum.

Steve cooking fish balls after the meeting!  Who knew everyone but the Bob Ware family crushes theirs with a fork to eat instead of dipping? 

so hard to leave on a hot sunny day!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Early summer fun

June started with a weekend away in Portland for us, and at Camp Eshbaugh for the kids.


Hiking with "Dosleela"

Thursday evenings at the Farmers Market

 Quechee Balloon Festival & Mallory's birthday

 my brave girl!

A date day on our anniversary thanks while the kids were with our artist friend babysitter.  We hiked Holts Ledges, swam in the White River and ate dinner outside at Jesse's.  

Soccer camp!  Adara was signed up for this preschool camp, but the other two had a great time tagging along.

Floating down the White River in the "Titanic" and "lifeboats" as Emily called them.

And of course, long afternoons at the pool.  The kids are all getting so confident and competent! Emily passed the swim test to jump off the diving board (not that she's thinking about jumping yet:), Adara is on the brink of being able to swim, and loves being underwater, and Alden is sure he can swim, and motors all over the pool with his puddle jumpers.

It's been a full 6 weeks!  Summer is short here, so we are trying to soak in every minute.  There will be time to clean the house in September.  :)