Saturday, October 31, 2015


This year we had a cat, Princess Leia (and a jedi), and a monkey.  They had a great time visiting Ms Vicky's house (especially with this year's Star Wars theme!) and made it all the way around the neighborhood.

Adara had a bout of insecurity about her costume earlier this week when she wore it to romp and stomp. (Curled up in my lap heartbroken that "my costume's not good... I'm not beautiful."  It made me so sad!  But she rebounded this week, and was excited to be given her first can of hairspray by Mrs. Eshbaugh to keep her buns in.

Ran into some friends. :)

Honesty, they have as much fun handing out candy as trick-or-treating.

CCEF Conference

I was able to go to the CCEF conference in Virginia Beach this year, and for the first time in 5 years with no baby with me, thanks to my amazing parents keeping all three kids for four days. I was pretty apprehensive about leaving Alden that long, but from all accounts (or at least the parts I've been told;), they all did well.  

I got to hear all the talks, catch up with old friends, and walk on the beach.  Alasdair's presentations both went really well, and it was fun to have a group of CRC friends there with us.  

cute kids on the big screen

side by side

The kids did fun fall things with Mimi & Papa. :)  Alden also picked up a love for books and the word "shine-ine" (sunshine) while were were gone.  Video.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I love October!!  The leaves have been incredible this past week, and we've spent as much time as possible out soaking them in.

Over the weekend, the kids and I tagged along to Camp Berea, where Alasdair was the retreat speaker for Carlisle Congregational, and Uncle Nick joined us too,  It was beautiful, and we enjoyed all of it except for the hours between 3 and 5am. 

Emily reading to Adara on our drive out.

watching a remote control drone

playing in the paintball hideout

Alden was napping in our room, so we cozied up for quiet time on the deck.

warming up

another group offered the girls their leftover s'mores supplies

enjoying the beautiful chilly evening while the kids slept

Sunday afternoon, we hiked Gile Mountain - an easy kid-friendly climb with a fire tower on top that has amazing views - with the Chans & Eshbaughs.

my girls were not as crazy about the fire tower as they were a couple years ago! ;)

360* of this

Monday, the kids were off school for Columbus Day, so I took them and some friends up to Boston Lot on the most perfect sunny day you can imagine.

Adara & Rocco caught in the act being kind to each other!
(These two strong personalities are in constant competition.)

I went back today for a hike around the lake with a friend. :)  

Alden on our little walk in the woods at lunchtime today, very happy about walking on his own and proud of carrying the "packack"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Adara turns 4

My spunky girl turned 4 this weekend.  Adara, at age four you are talkative, social, energetic, and always up for a fun adventure. You have a strong sense of logic, and don't miss a beat when something doesn't make sense to you.  My middle child; you adore your siblings and relate so well to both of them.  (Yesterday when a visiting friend took something from Alden you said right away, "Alden was happy with that; could you please give it back to him?") 

You are determined, frustrated when you can't do something right, and always trying to learn something new (this week it's roller skating and basketball). You are the one who falls down hard, and then gets up and keeps running.  You have insisted on wearing a dress just about every single day of the last year; a phase I keep waiting for you to outgrow but that shows no signs of doing so.  You are bold, strong-willed, confident, and seem impervious to peer pressure, but you also have your vulnerable moments too that remind me of your sensitive side.  When you hear me compliment your sister, you often turn your sweet little face up to me and ask 'Mommy, are you proud of me for anything?' and this morning you melted into tears in my lap because 'Emily is more beautifuler than me.'  I worry sometimes that I push you too hard and don't baby you enough... but I could not be more proud of the little girl you are!

You have been talking since last year about who you are going to "invite to my birthday"; it seems to be your way of saying that you like someone.  We didn't have a party, but we had a great weekend with a visit from Granny, candles in your breakfast donuts, making cupcakes, and lunch at "Five Men" (which you've also been asking for for months).  

Emily gave you her bike as a gift, though you were most excited by the heart-shaped card she made you. 

You also loved your Sofia dress from Granny, and your sparkly Frozen roller skates from Mommy & Daddy.

Some birthday questions...

Who is your best friend?  "Efan"  
What about someone your age? "Rocco"  Okay, what about a girl your age. "I don't know..."
(some favorite friends are Emma, Fiona, Charlotte, Mallory & Lucy, and Eleanor from preschool)

What is your favorite...
Color? Pink
Book?  Lucy {her name for the Narnia books}
Animal? Pony
Food? "Hmm, I'd say, a chocolate bunny."
Thing to do outside?  Swim
Thing to do with Daddy? Watch him cook
With Mommy? Read books
With Emily? Her help me skate
With Alden? play Star Wars {this involves something about zooming airplanes?}
Outfit? This one! {her Sofia dress}
Thing about school?  The spinny thing {a sit-n-spin...which she also loved back at age 2 when we'd bring Emily to school:)}
About outside preschool?  Playing in the muddy water

What's something you're good at?  Skating