Friday, January 24, 2014

NYE through Emily's lens

Whoops, I meant to post this awhile ago...I found some pictures on my phone that Emily took on New Years Eve (which for us, ended at 8pm:).

And two that I took:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miscellaneous January Fun

watching turtles at the Montshire

climbing up a chair, around the counter, over the stove and sink to snag the m&m's from on top of the fridge

 making pictures in the snow with our snowshoes

jumping in puddles on a yucky snow-melting day


Sunday, January 19, 2014


We put Adara on skis for the first time on Friday, and she immediately put her hands on her knees and started going.  She loved it!  Emily was excited too, and it really starting to get the hang of the snowplow (or 'pizza wedge') and even a little bit of turning/watching where she's going.  :)  On Saturday we went out again, this time with Mimi and Papa. We didn't get any video until towards the end when they were tired (working on living in the moment!), but it was a good time.  After skiing, swimming, and a makeup gymnastics class with Daddy, the girls slept well last night!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Emily on pregnancy

Emily has had some great commentary on pregnancy lately.

Over Christmas at Heather Lane, she was coloring with Ruth (the fabulous woman who lives with Granny and also works at CCEF) and asking if there was still snow at our house in New Hampshire.  Ruth responded that she didn't know and that Emily should ask her momimy.  Without missing a beat, Emily says, "Mommy doesn't know anything."  She went on to explain, "It's because she has a baby in her tummy."  Apparently she took my explanations that having a baby in your belly sometimes makes you forget things a little further than I meant.

Now that I am really showing, she's amazed by how big my belly is.  She told friend who was working in the nursery last week that "Mommy's belly is as big as an exercise ball!" and then yesterday after staring at me seriously for a minute, came out with, "Mom... I think you are as big as God!"   You ain't seen nothin' yet kiddo...  :)

Here are the girls getting some baby brother practice with sweet Ollie Jorgensen!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Date

Emily and I were headed out the door today for our first attempt at a ski date at Storrs Hill, when we were foiled by a pair of missing ski boots.  Since we were all ready to go, I tossed a few extra supplies in the car, and we started driving, munching on hershey kisses, and brainstorming other adventures.  I decided we'd try the sledding hill by Occom Pond, and if she couldn't try out her skis there, at least we could play on the ice and snowshoe.  It turned out to be a great place to be on a Sunday afternoon!  There is an enormous sledding area with hills of all sizes, and although there were a lot of people there, there was plenty of room so it didn't feel crowded.  So Emily slid around on her skis, we hiked up to do a few small runs, and I pushed her on some flat stretches.  A fun easy way to get her balance back for a new year.  After that, we slid around on the pond in our snow boots and then rested and roasted a few marshmallows by the campfire going nearby.  Emily decided we might as well do some snowshoeing too, so we tromped around for a little while before heading home.  A fun couple hours, and enough to have me ready for bed by 5pm!  I'm looking forward to going back with the whole family.