Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whale Watch!

We (Grammy & Grampy T, my parents, Nick, Dianna, Angie, and the three of us) celebrated Grampy T's 86th birthday, by going whale-watching. When I realized a couple days before the trip that the boat ride was four hours long, I got a little nervous about how Emily would do on a boat for that long. When we arrived at the boat, we were told that the whales had moved further away, and it would be a 6 hour cruise. We took a deep breath and decided to consider it an adventure. After a long three hours (I've developed a bit of a motion sickness problem in my old age, so I was feeling not-so-great most of the time), we arrived at the spot the captain had promised us. The whales have been uncharacteristically social this summer - staying together in a large group... so we were treated to an amazing display. We saw dozens of whales, often in groups of 3-4 surfacing and diving right alongside the boat. From a bit more of a distance, one whale breached (came completely out of the water to flip) over and over. Another came up right next to the boat to slap his tail down on the water, splashing us as we watched from the railing, and then rolling over on his back & side and waving & slapping his flippers. Incredible, and worth the 7 hours asea! (Unfortunately, we managed not to get a group picture.)

Westport Week

We spent the first week of August at the lake with my parents. Emily enjoyed everything much better without the 103 degree fever she had during the July trip! She played in the kiddie pool and the lake, but her favorite was the Sandy Beach.

Emily and Caitlyn, 2nd cousins once removed
(technically Caitlyn is my generation)

Another highlight of the week was the first Lee Family entry in the Westport Quadrathlon. Lilly & Nayeli paddled (the only all-female canoe!), I swam, we found a friend to run (ok, so not quite all-family), and Alasdair biked. We may not have won (ok we finished 8th out of 8... or we would have if Alasdair's bike hadn't had a flat tire at about mile 22 of 25), but we had a great time!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Settling In

I started this post a long time ago, and just now got around to adding pictures. Since we are moving again in a week and a half, it's time to get this posted. :)
We have now spent a week straight in one place, and it feels wonderful. We are thankful to have survived (almost) the month of July. In the 1st three weeks we lived in 5 places, and Emily had 2 high viral fevers (in addition to the one she had the week before we moved) and cut four teeth. All of the above made for a lot of mid-night wakings, and a very tired family. Luckily, we were well taken care of. We had Uncle Alden (or Uncle "All-Done" or "Dada" to Emily) with us for the first week or so, lived with my family for awhile, and had a houseful of friends to help while we were in NY for a wedding. Once we got "home" to Newport last week, my cousin Dianna came for a few days to help with Emily (and babysit so we didn't have to bring her to a board meeting, hooray!) and then Mom Groves & Aunt Becky came for the weekend. I'm not sure what we're going to do with ourselves now that we are on our own again!

A few glimpses of life in rural New Hampshire. Our next-door neighbors are
Sunshine Baptist Church (the owner of our house, kindly allowing us to live here!) and
the Fabulous Fifties Car-Hop Drive In.
Across the street is a river. The town is so small that when I asked for directions to the post office, they were "Drive into town and turn right. It's next to the church." Newport is also the home of the Lil Red Baron mexican restaurant... complete with outdoor seating on plastic tables, next to the campfire. We do have high speed internet and much better cell phone reception than we ever did in Philly. (Two things we had none of last time we lived in NH, so times are changing!)

Large sign in front of the Fabulous Fifties. Emily felt very welcome (look close to see her sweet Harley Davidson tshirt), as do many many motorcyle-riders.

Stay tuned for pictures of our next (and last...for a year or two) house!