Thursday, February 24, 2011


Emily watched me get ready for church on Sunday and begged for earrings. Since her ears aren't pierced, we improvised with stickers.... to her great delight. They stayed on all through church and when we got home, she added a few more.

Here she is later this week dressed up for our tea party.

What a girl. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two things that made me smile tonight

Tonight Emily picked up the video camera (hmm, apparently she can get into that drawer now...) and carried it around saying, "Emi smile!"

Alasdair has started an evening ritual with Emily, of moving through the house finding all her toys and putting them away. She gets into it, picking things up and stating "pud-it-away". I find this very amusing since it's an exercise I have often wanted to do with him! Maybe some of the good habits he's teaching her will rub off. :)

We needed some smiles tonight, after day 2 of nap strike!

Actually, another smile... Alasdair took Emily for a walk in the Ergo when he got home late this afternoon, and of course she fell asleep because she hadn't napped. She was so sound asleep when they got back, he was able to take off her coat, boots & snowsuit without waking her up. And, to wipe her face. And basically dance her around the house. Poor tired kid. You'd think that at almost an hour past her bed time now she'd be sound asleep, but I can hear her playing in her room. Sigh. (Grumble.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


A random cute picture. :)

The lack of recent blog posts is pretty reflective of our life this month. Between sickness & cold weather, we haven't been doing much except hanging out at home, reading books & going to bed early. Some recent favorite books: Peter Rabbit, Dr. Seuss & Petey the Puppy. A phrase I hear a lot is, "Pulease Mommy, read the ...bunny/puppy/fox [in sox], gregor [peter rabbit...she loves to find Mr. McGregor] !" One a rare venture out, Emily was determined to slide... not much luck.

We did take a trip out to Mike & Bekah's in New York for Rosalie's 2nd birthday & Daniel's dedication. I'll put up pictures once I track them down from family members who took them. Things to note: Daniel was dedicated in his Patriots outfit, and I swear Rosalie had grown about 3 inches since we saw her last month. Emily had a blast with her cousins, and especially loved the slide & ball pit in their basement! She honed her climbing skills enough that she can now get up to her favorite spot to turn on the music and raid the fruit bowl.

Ps - One of these days I will go back to taking "real" pictures instead of just using my cell phone...