Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emily is 2!

It's taken me a few weeks to get to this post, because there is so much to say! I think I am supposed to say "I can't believe she is so old!" ... but really, it feels about right. Emily is SO much fun right now. I wish I could capture her sweet little personality here!! Some things off the top of my head:

At 2, Emily is...
* verbal! she has a big vocabulary and is starting to use complex sentences (regularly over 10 words long). i love being able to talk to her. i should post sometime about some of the funny things she says.
* knows most of her letters
* affectionate. loves to give kisses & hugs, always wants to be held. loves to snuggle in bed with us in the morning.
* starting to potty train. doing great in big girl undies around the house, though we aren't ready to venture out in them yet or try them while sleeping.
* very excited about her little sister. she talks about hearing the baby's heart at the doctors ("sounds like thump thump thump") and her plans to "hold her in my arms".
* shy. she still doesn't like the nursery, and clings to me when around new people. very aware of other people though, and regularly talks about her friends or people who have come to the house.
* still tall, but catching up on weight (a much better eater than a few months ago!). at her 2 year check up she was 27lbs and almost 35". (i think those are around 40th & 75th percentiles). she still gets comments all the time on her beautiful long curls.
* a book-lover. she has a pretty long attention span, will sit through entire Dr. Seuss or Peter Rabbit books. Her favorite is the Jesus Storybook Bible ("The Jesus")...right now she's into Noah, Namaan, and the bit about Jesus loving the little children.
* also into... animals, rocks, bubbles, hikes with Dad (still using that Ergo!) in the trails behind our house & playing in the stream, puzzles, purses & backpacks, "helping", playgrounds, the Montshire museum...

Yesterday while she was impatiently waiting for me to get ready to take her to the outdoor water play section of the Montshire, she leaned over & put her hands on her knees (like an adult talking to a toddler) and said brightly with a big smile, "How bout... the museum?! How bout.. the water?! How's so exciting!".

We celebrated her 2nd birthday while we were in Philadelphia for Alden's high school graduation. Although we had to spend the 2nd half of the day in the car driving home, the morning was lovely! The whole family was there, plus dear Dutch friends Harmen & Inge. Emily had her 1st french braids, we had chocolate chip pancakes - with candles ("fire!") for Emily, opened presents, and visited the playground.

playing with (& wearing) some birthday presents

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's not our year for college reunions (we missed our 5 year the week Emily was born) but since we live in Hanover now, we get to enjoy everyone else's! Last weekend we had Becky as well as other good friends Betsy & Peter stay with us, along with their kids. Emily loved playing with Sam and Marina (we hope her love of babies doesn't wear off by the time little sister arrives!).

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

A little out of order with the posts here.... We were at Westport for Memorial Day weekend along with my parents, Bekah & the kids (Mike was at a wedding in Alaska!).

If you're not related to me - most of the following will make no sense. Sorry. You can skip to the pictures. :) The water is at record highs - roads washed out, docks multiple feet underwater, no Palace Rocks, no sandy beach. Hardly recognizable. I'm not sure we will have much beach space all summer! The path down from the palace is half washed away and may have to be rerouted, the changing house at the sandy beach is washed onto it's side, someone's deck from across the lake is washed up by Wayne's Way... crazy. But, despite mediocre weather and no water access, we had a great weekend. We drove to Plattsburgh for an indoor playplace (the girls are about 20 feet in the air here...not sure Emily would have braved this without her cousin to follow!), played in the kiddie pool, discovered new playgrounds since the one at Lee Park is underwater, and loved on Bobby the stuffed bobcat. Emily started doing this hilarious thing where she would transfer her emotions to Bobby, ie. if she bumped her head she'd say "Bobby hurt. Bobby is sad" or if I asked her if she was ready for dinner, "Bobby hungry."

Bekah, Rosalie & Daniel came home with us for a few days, so the fun continued. The girls enjoyed playing in the yard and a trip to the water play section of our beloved Montshire Museum.

Oh, and we are also learning how to help our little introvert cope with all the excitement of these trips. It took her two hours to go to bed every night we were at the lake, mostly because she was so wired. :( We have some ideas to try for next time, namely no using Emily's bed as a trampoline during the day, no chocolate milk at supper (we have an addict on our hands thanks to Papa's example!) and separating her from her cousins for some quiet time to wind down in the evening. We'll see if it helps!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Emily with Harry & William

A friend from church works at a dairy farm, and invited Emily & I to come visit. I love living in New Hampshire! Emily loved it. She squealed in delight over the chickens (why do kids love chickens? they are so... unlovable!) and was brave enough to pet the cows. We saw a 2 week old baby cow and a few others. I am sure we will be back.

Emily with baby Blossom