Saturday, January 31, 2015

9 Months

This has been a big month of firsts for Alden!   

- first hair cut (daddy trimmed the long pieces over his ears)
- first teeth (two bottom front ones are through, finally!)
- just this week he's started crawling! and also pulled up to standing a few times
- first baby sign, "more" (although he prefers to yell and bang his tray to get this idea across)
- no more swaddle 
- started taking baths in the big kid tub

He still loves to growl, and the girls love that if they growl at him, he will respond.  He's starting to lose interest in nursing and continues to eat any solids I feed him.  He's still a charmer with his sweet disposition, rosy cheeks, and wide smile.  I've been snuggling him a lot lately, so aware that he won't be my sweet baby for much longer.

And tomorrow, Alden's first Patriots Superbowl! 

Adara found my new address stamp and claimed her brother.


BREAKING NEWS.  As I was writing this post, we found out Alden's newest cousin has just arrived into the world. :)  Nicolas Alan Orsatti we cannot WAIT to meet you!!