Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday Season 2016

The past two months have been full of struggle and joy.  A very hard decision to turn down a move from NH, grieving a big loss for dear friends, riding out the normal ups and downs of deep relationships... all mixed in with sweet holiday times with friends & family, and amazing long weekend away in Quebec city, and just the regular days.  Today I'm sitting by the Christmas tree as the snow swirls outside and breathing a little.

Fun with kids

Thanksgiving in MA

A 48 hour trip to TX for Megan's dad's funeral.  A heartbreaking reason to visit, yet at the same time a gift to see a dear friend's family and place, and to honor a life well lived.

2nd grade performs at Morning Sing

Celebrate the Season & Clara's Dream to kick off Christmastime

"Nico can't fly" 

Quebec Trip - A perfect fun and restful three days in this beautiful place for just the two of us... so good for our souls and our French!

Christmas :)

Christmas Eve Service at the Quechee Church and with our CRC family

Singing Joy to the World with Mimi

Their first cousin pyramid!

Game night shenanigans with friends over Christmas break

Sunday, November 13, 2016

PA trip!

We had a beautiful weekend in Glenside with almost the whole family last weekend (we missed you Alden & Taylor!).  Alasdair worked most of the weekend, but the rest of us enjoyed cousin time (those boys together! my heart) and celebrated the impending arrival of Baby Bestor.  (Alden was quite confused that no one would tell him the baby's name.)  

Spectacular fall morning at Smith Playground

The girls and I took turns relaxing in Granny's loft.  Such a peaceful, sunny space.

Neither boy would let me push him on the swing, only Granny would do.

Alden attached himself to Uncle Ben, and got him to read books, watch soccer, play on the swings...

the 4 grandkids!

Thursday, November 3, 2016


This is a fun age for Halloween.  :)

School Halloween parade, with animal masks they make in art class.  Adara was so happy that her afternoon preschool class got to participate with all the big kids.  She's holding hands with her new friend Alexis.

Emily dresses up like a cat at any opportunity, and after weeks of many costume ideas, Adara decided to be a cat too.  Alden had a few hand me down costume offers.  He was a train conductor last week at Romp & Stomp, but on Halloween morning he decided he really wanted to be Chewbacca.

Quick picture with friends at Miss Vicky's - Jurassic Park theme - and then trick or treating around the circle with Daddy while I gave out candy at home.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Adara!

Of our kids, Adara has been always been the most keyed into her birthday.  Throughout the year she gives me ideas for her birthday gifts, talks about who she will invite to her (theoretical) party, and what she'd like to do to celebrate.  She also tends to get very excited about big events, and heartbroken by something not going according to plan.  We've talked a lot lately about choosing to be happy about the things we do have, instead of sad about the things we don't have. So, I was slightly nervous about just how excited she has been to turn five... but she had a really great day. :)  She went to bed smiling and sweetly content, hugging her storm trooper doll.

Family time in the morning - Minnie Mouse shaped chocolate chip pancakes and opening presents. 

Pumpkin picking & painting with her buddies Fiona & Charlotte.

Nail painting after school with the big girls.

Birthday dinner of plain pasta & butter. She very seriously asked Emily and Mallory to help her blow out her candles, in case she couldn't get them all. 

All ready for school the next day in her new Shimmer costume.

Wearing her first "real" bathing suit all afternoon, and playing on the new rings.

I love this kid so much!!!  She's like me in so many ways, and at the same time can be so hard for me to understand.  She's strong and deeply sensitive and active and independent and smart.  

I love that she's always up for an adventure with me,  Today we dropped Emily off at gymnastics on a stunning fall afternoon.  We weren't dressed to hike and we didn't really quite have time before meeting friends for dinner, but on a whim I asked her if she wanted to run up a mountain anyway.  She jumped at the chance, and literally ran all the way up Gile in 18 minutes, and managed all the stairs on the fire tower at the top without hesitation despite being nervous.