Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Winter Misc.

Before this last week of fun, winter was on the dreary side... Sick kids and grey skies for weeks.  But of course with some highlights! A visit from Andy & Rachel Hanauer, Nico & his parents, Sunday afternoon skiing at Quechee, skating at Occom, an awesome day for the girls & I with my dad at  Killington, Alden's new big boy bed, and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl. 


Our little sports fan walked around telling everyone after the AFC championship, "Guess what?? The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!"

Adara & Ethan "racing"

Skiing with my girls; my favorite part of parenting so far. :)

A favorite recent Alden quote...while waiting for pizza dinner at the Eshbaughs, Alden came into the kitchen and asked in his classic style with his hands thrown out "I thought we were having pizza?!"  I told him Daddy was bringing it soon.  Joel came in soon, and Alden followed him into the kitchen to ask, "Now where is the pizza?" I told him again that daddy was bringing it and he threw his hands up in frustration again and asked "Which daddy??"

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Rosie's birthday weekend @ Killington

We spent our annual weekend at Killington with cousins.  Daniel & Rosalie took lessons and had the same major turning point that Adara had in her lesson a few weeks ago, so all four big kids can really ski now, which is  

Monday, February 20, 2017

Florida for 48 hours

We planned a quick trip to Florida to visit Grandma and Grandpa Groves, which got even shorter when we were delayed a day by a snowstorm. So, we left home at 2am on Tuesday and were out outside the Ft. Myers airport at noon, where Uncle Bryan picked us up.  It took about 30 seconds of warm sunshine to make the trip all feel worthwhile!   We had beautiful weather and some really nice time with Grandma & Grandpa, and a dinner with Jill & Megan and the kiddos.  It's so fun to see the kids all playing together.  In between visits, we swam in the hotel pool and spent some time at the beach.

The kids did so well eating at G&G's "restaurant"  One of the residents made a point to come up and tell them they were the best behaved kids he'd seen in there.

Valentines Day chocolate fountain 

There was a trip to visit G&G's old house, and since only 5 could fit in the car, Adara & I stayed behind and spent the morning together, swimming in the hotel pool and walking the 3/4 mile to the beach with our drinks from 7/11. :)

We had one lovely afternoon at the beach!


We explained to Alden that Grandpa's first name was James too and he said, "So you're James Grandpa Groves."  :)

Sad goodbyes

 More pictures & some video in our February album. :)