Saturday, July 13, 2013


We did a long weekend at Westport last weekend for July 4th... a holiday which for me is more about family meetings than fireworks. :)  I had to work a lot, but it's nice to do that in a place where there is family to play with the kiddos and I can take breaks on the paddle board!  It was also nice to connect with some Stonysides cousins who have kids around the same ages as ours; connections we look forward to developing.

We christened the fire pit that my mom built and got the news that "Rosalie's baby sister" was born!  Evianna Hope Ware arrived on July 7th.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sparah Wedding

Last weekend, we traveled to Portland, Maine for wedding #2 of 6 this year.  My "little" cousin Spencer married a great girl and we were honored for Emily to be one of their flower girls.  She was a little more hesitant than the last time around since there weren't as many familiar faces, but she did a great job.  You can see a little in this video that she took her job very seriously, without being pulled off task when the other (18mo old) flower girl headed back up the aisle and the ring bearer tried to chase her down and bring her back. :)   Unfortunately, she spiked a high fever after the wedding and we had to leave the reception before dinner to bring her back to the hotel for bed.  Even so, a great time catching up with family and old friends.

Some of Spencer's cousins on the other side are also good friends of our family - although it sounds complicated!  Spencer's parents are Wayne & Katrina (my dad's sister).  Wayne's brother Rick was my dad's roommate and college, and he married my mom's roommate, Susan. R & S are parents to Katie, Meredith and Jenna... to whom we aren't related, but we share cousins.  Did you follow that?  Anyways, both Katie and her husband and Meredith and her husband have also ended up living right in the same area as we did in PA, so we had a lot of fun catching up.
(Meredith holding Katie's daughter Claire)

My cousin Karen has three girls, who were very kind to mine.

 (this little piggy)

And, possibly my new favorite pictures of Adara with my dad:

Thursday, July 4, 2013


The McCunes were in the area for a wedding last month and we got them for a couple days!  So much fun!  A hike up Balch Hill, a swim in the river from the Mink Brook trail, and a picnic on the green as the Baker Bells were playing the alma mater.  Perfection.