Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Special Gift

From their time living in Holland, the Groves have some very dear family friends. I had the privilege of meeting Eep ("Ape") & Lies ("Lease") T while Alasdair & I were studying in France during college. What I remember most is how incredibly friendly they were, that they treated us as adults (significant when you're 19!) and that Leis told me I had "very good in-laws." She was by far the first to refer to Al & Libbie as such, as Alasdair and I had only been dating a few months, and were still at least a year from being engaged. :) I'm not sure if she used that term because her English was very good but not perfect, or if she was trying to send me a message. Either way, we were honored when two years later she made the trip to the states for our wedding! Leis passed away from cancer in 2006. Apparently shortly before her death she had purchased and wrapped a gift for a friend's baby. When Eep heard that Emily had arrived, he contacted us to say that he had found this wrapped gift and could no longer remember who it had been intended for not what it was, but that if we would like a surprise gift, that he would like to send it to Emily "from Lies". Of course we were touched that he would think to send it to us, and it turned out to be this pretty yellow top that fits Emily just right.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy's Shoulder

Emily likes to be held up on someone's shoulder, and especially Daddy's shoulder. This is sweet, and also great because I can say, "She's fussy, you better take her." :) Today they put each other to sleep.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Auntie Eowyn

We said goodbye to Auntie Eowyn this morning, as she headed off to college (College of Wooster, in OH). We will miss her so much, but we are excited for what's in store...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Emily slept through the night!

I fed her at 11 last night and she didn't wake up to eat again until 7. (Of course I woke up a couple times to use the bathroom & check on her...) We'll see if this was a fluke or the start of a new pattern.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I know, three posts in one day is a little overkill -- just wanted to say that I finally uploaded July & August pictures to our Picasa page.

Two month checkup

I remember scheduling Emily's two month checkup just after she was born, and it seemed like a hundred years away! We went in today, and here are the stats:
11lbs, 15oz (80th percentile)
24" long (96th percentile! How did Alasdair & I make a tall baby?)

She had the standard vaccines, and while she did very well at the doctor's, she did wake up from her afternoon nap crying inconsolably. She didn't eat much and after about an hour cried herself back to sleep (that's longer than she's ever cried before I think). Apparently this is normal, and the pediatrician said I should give her Tylenol. I've read that some babies are cranky for days after all these shots, so I'm hoping that doesn't happen! Poor thing.

Westport Take Two

Emily has spent a significant portion of her life on vacation! We went back up to Westport and spent a luxuriously relaxing week with my parents. The morning routine: feed Emi, deliver her to the waiting arms of my parents, and have my coffee and breakfast on the lower deck overlooking the lake. Ahhh. It poured rain the first few days, giving us time to just sit and read. The rest of the week was beautiful, and we played golf (Emily & I went along for the ride in the cart), hiked, swam, went for boat rides, and relaxed by the water with assorted cousins. I even got to waterski for the first time in two years. Alasdair & I had our first night out together since Emi was born, and she stayed home with my parents. She was fine (of course), and I was even able to relax a bit and enjoy the restaurant.

Emily was a big hit with her slightly older cousins. My cousin Karen has four kids, a boy and three girls. The two older girls (who I think are about 6 and 9?) loved holding Emily. In my generation, the first cousins are mostly boys, so Shannon, Karen & I had to stick together. Now in the next generation, the tally is at one boy and five girls! At Westport we grow up with lots of extended family as well. One of my second cousins is an adorable 4 year old who was just enamored with Emily and would just stand and watch her any time we were around. She named her doll "Baby Emily". Emily even met a 5th-cousin, a one year old named Scout.

Emily also chose that week to start smiling! We spent lots of time trying to coax those beautiful grins for the camera.