Sunday, April 30, 2017

Alden is THREE

I cannot imagine our family without this little boy!  He is snugly and affectionate, a complete extrovert and talks nonstop, loves sound effects and books and sports.  He was so excited about turning three and likes to tell me all the fun things he can do now that he's three, like celebration camp and soccer and school.. "Now that I'm three I can go to preschool, and then next year, I'll go to middle school."

We celebrated with a cake at community group the night before.  I asked him if he wanted football or baseball or soccer on his cake, and he came up with tennis. ;)

Going to bed for the last time as a 2 year old.

The girls each took some of their allowance and chose gifts on their own.

A rubiks cube and lacrosse sticks for the little boy who thinks he's 13.

Alden was so excited about the lacrosse sticks from my parents, He kept saying, "This is so cool! It's just like Ethan." Papa had stopped by after a meeting in town and it made Alden's day to play lacrosse with him!   And partway through the day he whispered to me, "Do I get to keep these?"   

We used to have a bunch of questions we asked the kids on their birthday... here's a video of Alden on his new bike answering some:

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