Monday, July 10, 2017

June was a big month!

 I've posted a lot from last month - last days of school, Emily's birthday, Tavilla reunion, Groves reunion - here are some of the moments in between.

We spent part of a weekend with the Achmoody boys - Alden's dream come true. :)

First Nighthawks game of the season

Mallory's birthday 

The girls took a mystery ride to PA where they spent a week with Granny while Alasdair worked.  Alden and I had some fun at home.  

a couple days of TMO camp (he had mixed feelings about camp, but LOVED his new backpack:)

Couldn't figure out what to do with him one evening and had to skip a meeting... so we went to a baseball game instead.

Noah gifted Alden a hat when we got there. Later he wandered off and asked the players for a bat, which of course they couldn't give him.  But as we were leaving, the catcher came over with a bat he'd cracked and asked me if he could give it to Alden.  Happy boy.

Playground & river time with sweet friends.  Love the big sisters each with an arm her around little sister's shoulder:

Dinner at the Powlisons' Woodstock house with their kids &g randkids.

Pool days.

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