Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lemonade Stand

Adara saw some neighbors doing a lemonade stand last month, and has had a bee in her bonnet to do one ever since. Emily got a cookbook for her birthday around that same time, and has been waiting for a chance to make something.  Last Saturday, we let them go to town - Adara made lemonade and Emily made some chocolate dipped treats, they both made signs and set up shop on the corner near our house.  Alasdair gave them some tips on smiling and waving to people, and being polite.  I was just hoping a couple people would stop, so they wouldn't be sad.  They were out there for over two hours, got along, and had lots of business.  Partway through they decided that Emily would run the table, and Adara got on her bike and rode around the neighborhood "alerting" people she saw that there was a lemonade and snack stand.  We were all amazed that they made $43!  Of course they also got talks on business (paying off your expenses) and tithing (each chose something to give their $2 tithe to.:)

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